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Daily iPhone App: 5K Runmeter impresses with options and functionality

We did make a mention of the 5K training version of Runmeter when it first arrived on the App Store a little while ago, but it's worth yet another mention, I think, if only because this is the best running app I've ever used. 5K Runmeter, as it's called on my iPhone's home screen, offers all of...

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Daily iPhone App: MusicPound

We've been covering a lot (a lot!) of iPhone games in this space, but of course there are many other types of apps on the App Store. MusicPound isn't a game -- rather, it's a music discovery app that's designed to compare your music library (on your iPhone, so you'll have to load music on the...

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TUAW's Daily App: Blue Defense: Second Wave!

One of the best reasons to come to a conference like GDC Online (which I'm at this week in Austin, Texas) is touching base with others in the iPhone and iPad community and sharing your favorite apps with each other. I've been hooking as many people as I can on Pocket Frogs (I just passed 50% of awar...

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Ping reaches a million, attacked by spam

Apple's new social network, Ping, has been around for about a week now, and all of the pundits have had their chance at weighing in on what Apple got wrong and right. And what's the result? Not bad, but not great -- more than a million people joined the network in just 48 hours. That's not terrible ...

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TUAW Hands On: iTunes 8

Released today, iTunes 8 is the most recent and advanced iteration of Apple's media management and playback software. iTunes 8 includes a new Genius recommendation engine, new visualizers, a new grid view, and new terms and conditions. The Genius engine recommends other songs you might enjoy, bas...

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