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Dragon adds Recorder app for time-shifted desktop dictation

It's all about speech on the iPhone 4S, from the systemwide dictation features to the inscrutable but very helpful Siri assistant. The fine folks at Nuance (suppliers of some of the underlying IP that powers the 4S voice savvy) have made a big move into the mobile space; the company already has a...

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Gear4's Pocket Loops keyboard creates music with your iPhone or iPod touch

Gear4, maker of the Unity Remote we saw at CES last week, also designed the Pocket Loops keyboard, which represents something I think we'll see a lot more of: devices designed to work only when paired with a smartphone or tablet device. iPhones and iPads are leading the way into a new era of mobile...

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VoiceNotes vs. iDicto vs. Recorder vs. Record

Four audio recording apps? Sure, why not? Voice note apps make a lot of sense if you are the type of on-the-go person fond of talking to yourself. Luckily there are plenty of choices, and I'll break down the functionality of four that I've been monkeying around with. Each app records from the iPho...

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iLounge gets details on the iTalkPro

It's is the one accessory I've been waiting for: A voice recorder for the fifth generation iPod. iLounge was lucky enough to get some exclusive details and photos of the iTalkPro, the upcoming iPod audio recorder from Griffin Technology. It sounds terrific. According to iLounge, the iTalkPro can man...

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Neuros MPEG4 Recorder brings TV to your iPod

So, you're sick of waiting for the shows you're interested in to make their way to the iTunes Music Store? Or maybe you're just sick of paying $0.99 per episode. Then check out the MPEG4 Recorder 2 by Neuros. It's a nifty little dohickey that connects to your TV and records programming in (you guess...

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