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Apple recruitment video takes us inside Infinite Loop

A new video was recently released by Apple for recruiting purposes, but perhaps most interesting for us, it is a quick glimpse inside the company's culture. Yes, it's an official video, so things don't get down and dirty at all, but there are definitely some good looks inside the offices, as we...

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US Marines experimenting with iPads for recruitment

OK, maggots! If you'd like to sign up to be a member of The U.S. Marine Corps, you're going to need to learn to use an iPad. Or at least sign your name on one. Military Times is reporting that the Corps is experimenting with the use of iPads in recruiting. The blog reported that the commander of the...

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We're feeling the love: Blogger application deadline is tonight

We asked, and you answered. Over 150 of you have already sent in your applications to join the TUAW team, and we're happily plowing through the entries now. It's been a real delight to see the enthusiasm and geek cred of everyone who has turned in sample posts... while a few of you might have benefi...

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Want to write for TUAW?

Let me just say it: we're looking for a few good geeks. Do you have a love for all things Apple, tempered with a healthy dose of skepticism for the power of the RDF? Are you eager to share your favorite tips and tricks with Mac users everywhere? Is your iPhone development mojo so strong that it dese...

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