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Tag: recycling

Turn a broken iPod into a fashionable, but fractured wallet

Have a broken iPhone or iPod touch kicking around and want to do something with it? If you answered with a resounding "yes," then you should check out this Instructable from 13-year-old member trosen2109 that shows one clever way to recycle the "ready-to-be-discarded" device. Rosen pulls the ...

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Gro Recycling: Feed your brain with this trash game

Gro Recycling is a fun educational game that teaches children about recycling and the process involved in taking a recyclable material and turning it into a new product. Players must "feed" the right recyclable material to the correct bin and then take the bin to the machine that will take that ...

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Apple's iPad trade-in program extends to France, Germany, Spain, and the UK

This past April, Apple expanded its recycling program in North America to include any product the company has released. In addition, owners of older generation iPads could trade in their devices for credit towards a newer model. Now the program has been expanded to include more countries around t...

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Apple expands its recycling program and other news from April 21, 2014

On this Earth Day, Apple has expanded its free recycling program to include any Apple product, no matter the age. While not all products will be eligible for a gift card when traded in, Apple will take any item produced in its 30-year history in an effort to avert more electronic waste from reachi...

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Book criticizes Apple's recycling program, consumers in general

Macworld took a look at a new book by writer Adam Minter today; Junkyard Planet (US$25.99, Bloomsbury Press) explores the business of recycling, and in an excerpt from his book published by the website, Minter takes Apple to task on the effectiveness of its recycling program and attempts to lay guil...

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How the new MacBook Pros got EPEAT Gold rating

Apple's recent relationship with the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) environmental rating is getting even more interesting. First, we reported on Apple dropping its entire product line from the program upon realizing that the new Retina display MacBook Pro models wouldn...

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Apple reverses course on EPEAT environmental standard, eligible products once again included

Apple has posted a letter from retiring senior VP of hardware engineering Bob Mansfield to its website, walking back the company's abandonment of the EPEAT certification for its eligible products. Per the letter: We've recently heard from many loyal Apple customers who were disappointed to...

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Apple adds iPad 2 to its recycling program

If you're looking for another outlet to offload an iPad 2, then you should check out Apple's reuse and recycling program. The program now accepts the iPad 2 and will give you an Apple Gift Card if your tablet is still operational. It'll also take broken devices that would normally land in the refu...

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Apple extends recycling program across the UK

In a move that's sure to please Apple's critics at Greenpeace, Apple has now taken its popular US recycling program across the Atlantic to the UK, where it will be known as the Reuse and Recycling Programme. The project provides a way to take your old Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone or iPad -- working ...

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Increase in iPad recycling prompts Gazelle to enter reseller market

After the iPad 2 announcement, Gazelle saw a marked increase in the number of first generation iPads being recycled by consumers. The electronics recycler has received so many iPad 1 tablets in good to excellent condition that it has decided to begin selling them back to consumers in the upcoming...

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Mac 101: Preparing your old Mac for sale or recycling

It happens to all of us eventually (except for the Mac collectors). At some point, we decide that it's time to take that old Mac that we've just replaced and try to get a few bucks out of it. Some of us donate our machines to schools or other worthwhile organizations, and if we have really old equi...

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Ask TUAW: Choosing an iPhone, used Mac disposal, wake from sleep, podcast software and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about getting an iPhone, disposing of old Macs, wake from sleep issues, exchanging a recent Mac purchase, podcast hardware and software, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are welco...

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Apple products announced today: It's easier being green

Apple made a concerted effort today to highlight the reduced impact its new products have on the environment. This effort all started with Steve Jobs' open letter in 2007, A Greener Apple, announcing a long-term plan to "protect the environment and make our business more sustainable." The letter was...

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Apple recycling information mailer not so green

An Apple Premium reseller in the UK sent us these photos of an Apple recycling information mailer they received: but the mailer itself was sent in a decidedly non-green way. From photos the reseller sent, it appears the mailer consisted of two sheets of standard A4-sized paper. Those sheets of pape...

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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck to make a bunch of press kits?

In the press room at Macworld there was a little foyer with alphabetized buckets where you could pick up press kits from the various vendors. This is an exercise in wastefulness, as many of the press kits are glossy folders filled with photocopies and CD's. Now, I realize the coordination required...

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