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RedEye launches mini app for IR plugin

We've covered RedEye's IR dongle for the iPhone a few times. Originally, it was introduced as a complete add-on for the iPhone that allowed you to control any entertainment center reached by infrared. Over time RedEye has pushed to simplify the unit more and more, instead providing a cheaper and s...

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Redeye mini dongle out now

We posted about the Redeye mini a while back -- it's an IR dongle that hooks up to the audio port on the iPhone to let you control any IR device (your TV, DVD, or whatever else you've got) with the touchscreen on your phone. You need a free app from the App Store to use the dongle and it doesn't loo...

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RedEye gives you a universal iPhone remote for your home entertainment center

ThinkFlood has released RedEye, their universal remote add-on for iPhone and iPod touch. The RedEye remote is a combination of hardware and software that turns your iPhone into a truly universal remote control for IR-based devices. I received an advance unit to take for a spin, and tested it out wit...

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Enable an advanced edit mode in iPhoto 6

Rob Griffiths at Macworld has stumbled upon an advanced edit mode in iPhoto 6 that offers some advanced functions when using the Retouch or Red-Eye tools. When using either of these tools, you can hit ctrl-caps lock-9 (yes, I said caps lock) to switch on these specialized cursors that allow you to ...

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