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Ubisoft acquires RedLynx, developer of Thousand Heroes and DrawRace 2 for iOS

Game developer Ubisoft, publishers of some of the biggest franchises on HD consoles, has picked up developer RedLynx, makers of XBLA's great Trials HD, as well as a few solid iOS titles, including Thousand Heroes and the excellent DrawRace 2. Ubisoft says it will use the purchase to both furthe...

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Daily iPhone App: DrawRace 2

I got to see DrawRace 2 in action back at GDC this year, and it's a wild one. The title is a racing game at heart, but it plays unlike any racing game you've ever seen: Instead of driving the car around the track, you actually just draw a path around, dictating where the car will go, when it wi...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: 1000 Heroz

I first heard about 1000 Heroz, a brand new iOS game available from Trials HD developers RedLynx, a while back, and when I did, it wasn't clear just what it was all about. The game promised new content every day for a full thousand days (almost three years, according to my calculator), but didn...

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