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Monitor Stand Showdown: Redmond vs Cupertino

I didn't even realize this was a thing, but accessory maker Allsop has computer monitor stands that cater to whichever side you favor in the PC wars. The company makes fancy stands in both Redmond and Cupertino flavors. There's no functional difference between the two, so it's all about aesthetics...

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Google calls Apple "valuable partner"

Steve Jobs is trashing Google internally according to rumors, but Google is having none of it. Company reps told the press at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week that Google considers Apple "a very close and valuable partner," and that they believe that the relationship between the two ...

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Leopard's new menubar is hideous

I haven't watched the keynote yet, and I've been spending most of my time looking through the other new features of Mac OS X Leopard. After I found that non-transparent menubar mod for Leopard, however, I can't get over how hideous that new menubar really is. I also hate to say it, but Apple's secre...

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Guide for installing Vista in Boot Camp

As reluctant as we might be to admit it, we have our reasons for tinkering with Windows Vista behind closed TUAW office doors. Parallels has pretty decent support for it (3D hardware is still a work in progress), though we've been having to search across the vast interwebs for some help on how to ...

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Pete Wright: "My Microsoft career is now officially over"

Coming to the rescue once again, digg's users have highlighted a fairly prominent Windows coder's testimony of a switch to Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux. Pete Wright, a (former) Windows developer who made Microsoft's 'influencer' lists by working for such clients as American Express and Enron, has said...

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