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Apple closes the loophole that allowed users to update refunded apps

No good loophole lasts for long. Apple has made a subtle update to the App Store which most users will never notice, but if you've ever received a refund for an app, you will. For years, users who got a refund for a paid app through the App Store were able to continue getting updates after they'...

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If you bought Logic Pro within 30 days of Logic Pro X release, you may get a refund

This isn't exactly unprecedented, but there's been some discussion about "upgrade pricing" regarding Logic Pro X today, so I thought this would be good info for Logic Pro customers. First, if you bought Logic Pro within 30 days, consider contacting Apple support -- you may be able to get a refund ...

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Apple refunds iTunes Match purchases for international users after premature 'launch'

Although options to sign up for iTunes Match started appearing in several international markets yesterday, many suspected that the launch was premature since iTunes Match wasn't showing up on the main page of respective countries' iTunes Stores. It turns out the "launch" was indeed premature, a...

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Jawbone refunds all UP purchasers whether they return the device or not

Complaints over the durability (or lack thereof) of Jawbone's UP wristband have led the company to the unusual move of promising refunds to all customers -- even if they decline to return the device to Jawbone. Jawbone says current UP owners can keep their wristbands, according to TechCrunch, s...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me get a MobileMe refund

Dear Aunt TUAW, I renewed MobileMe in April for $99. It appears there will be no refund. Where's the loud and insistent outcry? Your rather ticked-off nephew, Z Dear Z, Auntie totally gets where you are coming from (although as far as she's concerned, MobileMe is something that always...

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Apple begins bumper refund program and free orders

In last week's press conference held about iPhone 4 reception issues*, Apple made mention of distributing not only bumpers for iPhones going forward, but refunds to those who had already purchased bumpers or other iPhone 4 cases. So if you didn't get one before they were pulled from Apple stores, p...

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Why Apple has a split personality when it comes to keeping iPhone owners happy

After shelling out top dollar, the customers felt betrayed and angry. The shine on the company's new flagship product was tarnished. The remedy wasn't cheap... and the CEO stepped up and spoke to those irate early adopters. "We want to do the right thing for our valued customers. We apologize for d...

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iPod nano scratch lawsuit checks are in the mail

According to Engadget, people are finally starting to receive settlement checks for the iPod nano class action lawsuit that was filed shortly after the first-gen nano's release in 2005. Only days after the first nano debuted, people started noticing that the iPod nano's screen was about as easy to s...

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Apple paying back bonuses on cost of defective 27-inch iMacs

Gizmodo is reporting that Apple has begun refunding up to an extra 15% of the purchase price of the 27-inch iMac to those customers who bought defective units. The news broke yesterday with a UK-based Apple Authorized Service Provider/Reseller claiming that Apple is out of 27" screens in Europe, ...

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3G S sales expectations shift higher, Apple offers $30 credit for activation issues

It's Father's Day here in the USA, UK and Canada (best wishes to all the Mac daddies out there!), and if the tea-leaf-reading over the iPhone 3G S launch is accurate, it looks like quite a few of those dads may have gotten a shiny new phone as a gift from the spouse and kids. Which would have been r...

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Original iPod nano owners benefit from scratch settlement

The first generation of iPod nano models may have been small and sleek, but they also apparently had an image problem -- mainly, that it rapidly grew difficult to see the screen after the nicks and scratches began to accumulate on the face of the player. As far back as 2005, users expressed their di...

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How will you spend your Apple Store credit?

Attention, reckless fanboys with no will power or self control early iPhone adopters. You've certainly heard by now that your $100US Apple Store credit is available. Now that you've got it, the question is, what will you do with it? We're guessing that most customers will use the credit towards some...

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