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Apple, Google ordered to revise "no refund" App Store policies in South Korea

South Korean parents can rest a little easier tonight knowing they will no longer be responsible for unauthorized purchases their children have made. The Korea Federal Trade Commission of South Korea has ordered Apple and Google to change their App Store refund policies to make it easier for consu...

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With Bento update, lack of App Store upgrades is front-and-center again

FileMaker released a meaty update to the iPad version of Bento on June 19, pushing it from version 1.15 to 4.0. But with this comes a move previously seen with Tweetie 2 before it became the official Twitter app: the original Bento was pulled from the App Store after a few hours of overlap, ...

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Apple offers Australian iPad buyers a refund

Apple is now offering refunds to Australian customers who are not satisfied with iPad because it is not 4G, says a report in the Sydney Morning Herald. Apple is selling the device as the ''iPad with WIFI + 4G'' because it operates on LTE networks in the US and Canada. Australian carriers Tels...

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Apple reportedly complies with Taipei's app refund request

We reported earlier this month that Taipei was trying to require a seven-day trial for all apps sold in that country. While we weren't sure how valid that claim was, it appears Taipei wasn't kidding around. Google has completely removed its paid app section from the Taipei version of the Androi...

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Yeah, there's an app for that. But for how long, and at what cost?

With the recent kerfuffle surrounding the removal and rejection of Google Voice apps from the App Store, many developers are beginning to question the trust they have placed in Apple to provide them with a reliable system for developing and distributing applications. Generally, the major hurdle asso...

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AT&T refunding iPhone activation charges for customers who experienced limbo?

If you were one of the unfortunate souls caught up in the AT&T activation limbo, some readers are reporting that you might be able to reclaim at least a few bucks for your pain and suffering. As the story goes, AT&T is apparently refunding the $36 activation fee to those who call and present...

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