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Regional carriers picking up the iPhone 5s, 5c on October 1

Demand is still huge at Apple Stores and the major carriers are reporting depleted stocks of the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but that's not keeping nine of America's regional carriers from announcing that they'll be launching the latest iPhones on their networks on October 1. So far, those carri...

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Regional carrier Strata Networks to carry iPhone 5

After earlier news today that you can move your unlocked iPhone 5 to the Solavei network for some US$49 all-you-can-eat lovin', we've heard of a new regional carrier -- Strata Networks -- that will soon carry the iPhone 5 and provide another alternative to the blue, red, yellow and magenta netw...

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iPhone about prestige for smaller carriers

GigaOM talked to Pat Riordan, CEO of regional carrier Cellcom, about the iPhone and why this small wireless provider decided to add Apple's smartphone to its lineup. Cellcom is one of seven small carriers that started carrying the iPhone earlier this year. According to Riordan, selling the iP...

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iPhone comes to two more small US carriers

After landing at several smaller US carriers in April, Apple's iPhone is poised to make another round of expansion into regional markets later this month, according to MacRumors. As of the writing of this post, three wireless carriers, including Bluegrass Cellular of Kentucky, Golden State Cell...

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iPhone will launch for five US regional carriers today

As noted by Cnet, the iPhone is launching on an additional five US regional carriers today. The carriers include Alaska Communications, Appalachian Wireless (Kentucky and Virgina), Cellcom (Wisconsin and Michigan), nTelos (Virginia), and GCI (Alaska). The regional carriers apparently know the...

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Virginia-based nTelos Wireless to sell the iPhone

Virginia-based nTelos will be the latest regional carrier to start selling the iPhone, AppleInsider reports. The CDMA carrier will be undercutting other iPhone carriers across the board, offering each model for $50 less than AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, starting with the iPhone 4 for $49.99....

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