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No more serial numbers in iWork retail boxes

Customers who buy iWork '09 retail boxes may be surprised by what they don't find inside. Namely, a registration code. Apple has stopped shipping iWork with a registration code starting with version '09. "Install iWork '09 from the enclosed disc and you're ready to go," says Apple. Of course, those ...

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Graphical software licenses: a good idea?

Over at the Switcher's Blog (which is actually the blog for browser form manger 1Passwd) they're crowing about their new innovation: software License Cards. These are basically just graphic files that contain the registration information embedded in them. These "cards" are emailed to customers, an...

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LicenseKeeper tracks your serial number collection

The crew at Outer Level (developers of the kid-friendly, bug-chomping game Bullfrog) apparently have a problem in common with me, and plenty of other Mac users: too many software license codes and no system for organizing them. Excel and FileMaker, too bulky; flat text files, too plain; leave them i...

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WWDC07 Session Tracks Announced

Apple today sent out emails to ADC members announcing the session tracks for the upcoming WWDC07 (June 11-15). They are: Mac OS X Essentials Graphics and Imaging Information Technologies Leopard Innovations Developer Tools Content and Media As I've said before, I barely know which si...

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MacHeist registration open to TUAW readers for 24 hours

We started out with 25 MacHeist invites for you TUAW readers, but we were quickly blown away by the sheer landslide of interest (over 800 requests and still counting) in this latest Mac software event from the minds behind My Dream App. Since things simply became too difficult for us to manage, Phil...

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Apple extends WWDC early registration to July 7

An ADC email just arrived announcing Apple's extension of the WWDC early registration deadline to July 7. This email also features John Penn II, Senior/Lead Computer Scientist for Adobe Photoshop - at least now you know one of the guys who's responsible for making [insert idolized star here] look s...

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Apple's WWDC dates announced

It's that time of the year again. Apple has announced that this year's World Wide Developer's Conference will take place on August 7-11 in sunny San Francisco. There are several pricing levels available (you can see the full list here) and early registration ends on June 23rd, so get those requests ...

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