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So it's come to this, Apple?

In olden days, conquering armies would put the bodies or heads of enemies on pikes or town gates or roads to warn the people that revolt would lead to death. It would seem that someone at Apple read a history of these actions and decided to do something similar for apps on the App Store. Marco A...

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Apple rejects iPhone app that tracks military drone strikes

Apple has a reputation for sometimes banning apps for reasons that confound developers. The latest App Store rejection story comes from Wired, which talked to developer Josh Begley about his Drones+ app. Drones+ is a simple, but informative app that alerts you when the US military executes a ...

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SnuggleTruck: Rejected app goes cuddly for Apple approval

Imagine you're an iOS game developer, and your new app's theme focuses on smuggling illegal immigrants over the border. It offers a politically charged satiric scenario, one that could possibly offend customers. Apple reviewers consider the game, but they determine that it fails the smell tes...

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QuickPick update in limbo for Lion similarities

On Wednesday, QuickPick 2.0.3 was apparently ejected from the Mac App Store, according to a tweet from developer Seth Willits. A day later, Seth tweeted that the app is still in the store -- as of this writing that's the case -- but update 2.0.3 had been rejected, increasing his confusion. Addi...

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Should we continue using an app that Apple has rejected?

It doesn't happen so much anymore, but not too long ago you'd hear about a new offering arriving in the App Store that would stir up a little controversy (the NetShare tethering app springs to mind). They'd enjoy some fanfare and a ton of purchases for a few days before being summarily removed, neve...

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Congressional caricatures on the App Store: The nays have it

Let's face it, America: if you're looking for "obscene, pornographic or defamatory" content, you can pretty much count on the US Congress to satisfy your jones. Put those representatives into cartoon bobble-head form, however, and stack them up with contact and district info in a handy-dandy iPhone ...

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Trillian's 75-day limbo: the App Store, Freewill, and the pocket veto

What do United States politics, a Canadian rock song, and a California computer company have in common? Here are some hints: the Pocket Veto, Freewill, and the App Store. When the President of the United States is presented with a bill, she or he has 10 days to sign it, or veto it. If the President...

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Google contradicts Apple, states Apple rejected Google Voice

The Google Voice story grows even murkier today as new details arise about its App Store rejection. When the FCC launched an inquiry into the presence of the Google Voice app on the App Store, Apple, AT&T and Google all provided formal response letters. Portions of Google's letter were kept con...

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Apple rejects ĀµTorrent controller iPhone app

We've talked before about ways to control a BitTorrent client from the iPhone, and some unofficial developers have gotten it working in a jailbroken way. But apparently that's as far as we'll get -- µMonitor, a little iPhone app to control µTorrent (a popular BitTorrent app that I use pr...

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Bring out your dead! App rejected? Roll again, adventurer

If you've had an app rejected by Apple in the past and it didn't actually involve nekkid pictures or you think it did not violate App Store policies (yes, realizing those policies can be vague at times), try submitting that app again. It appears to be a season of reconciliation, and it's time Apple ...

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App Store Rejections: Apple rejects iKaraoke app, patent filed published for a karaoke player

As if the waters surrounding the App Store approval process weren't murky enough, one developer has just hit an unprecedented wall. Apple rejected his app, iKaraoke, citing that it duplicated functionality of the iPod application. Of course, the "duplicate functionality" reason is nothing new, but A...

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Even at WWDC, developers can't get straight answers about App Store rejections

This is just becoming stupid. For the past year, we've heard from developers who have had their apps rejected from the App Store for the silliest of reasons. You know, the app might allow someone to access content that could also be accessed through Mobile Safari, it might display an Old-English tr...

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Wacky App Store rejections du jour

If it's Monday, there must be a few more stories of iPhone apps rejected for curious and spurious reasons. Today's contenders are up to the line... and away they go! First, it's Maza's Drivetrain app, a remote control for the Transmission client for Bittorrent running on the user's computer. Rejecte...

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Opera: Apple won't let us in the App Store

Opera Software CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner said in a New York Times interview yesterday that its engineers have developed a version of the Opera web browser that works on the iPhone, but Apple has rejected it for the App Store because it competes with Safari. This isn't unprecedented: Apple re...

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iPhone App Graveyard: It's where unloved apps go

We know of a few iPhone applications that were unloved by Apple. What are we talking about? You know ... the cool iPhone applications that developers make -- then Apple doesn't approve of them, and they never see the light of day again (or maybe they do). Needless to say, there are probably more iPh...

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