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Tag: relaxation

Zen out with Oceen's relaxing sounds and guided meditations

Oceen, free with in-app purchases, has all of the tranquil sounds that you expect with a relaxation app, plus guided relaxations to set your mind at ease. Only one guided meditation is available with the free version, which is disappointing. The App Store is saturated with relaxation apps and...

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Free Sleep Sounds - get some shut-eye or relax with this free app

Free Sleep Sounds (free!) joins a pretty crowded field of apps designed to help you sleep, relax or meditate. The app contains 25 well-recorded environments in stereo in categories like Ocean, Rivers and Streams, Wind, Fire, Birds and more. A unique feature is the ability to created blended mixes o...

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Naturespace, a "sonic landscape" app, has a special Halloween surprise

Naturespace is simply one of my favorite apps, and that includes every piece of software I've used since 1978. If you've ever had problems with ringing in the ears or going to sleep, Naturespace could also be one of the greatest things ever. In short, it is a sonic landscape app, with access to do...

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Origin Stories: Naturespace

I've always been a sucker for soundscapes -- those looping sound effect CD's that whisk you away to the beach, or a rainforest or whatever. As I have a hard time "shutting down" my brain, these sounds give me something to get lost in and focus on, helping relax me. I think it's the same way for a ...

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Elsewhere for Mac OS X takes you elsewhere

Elsewhere: Ambient Nature Sounds is a nice little free app that lives on your menu bar and plays ambient sounds in the background while you work or relax. There are three environments; City, Forest and Beach. Each soundscape has a switch for nighttime or daytime ambience, or the app can change ...

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Shizen: Oceanscapes for iOS is relaxing and free

The makers of My Living Desktop for Mac OS X have released a free version of the app for iOS. Called Shizen: Oceanscapes, it features beautiful high-resolution looped movies of two tranquil scenes with audio on your iPhone or iPad for those who want some relaxation. The apps are ready for Apple's...

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First Look: Breath Pacer

We've all heard people talk about therapeutic breathing in common terms -- "take a deep breath", "breathe easy", or "remember to breathe". If you're under a lot of stress, therapeutic breathing can help to calm you down. Larva Labs has announced a new iPhone / iPod touch app called Breath Pacer tha...

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