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Backblaze stats on 27,000 hard drives show which ones keep on ticking

When your business value proposition is delivering inexpensive, reliable cloud backup for thousands of customers, you're going to learn a thing or two about drive reliability. The Backblaze team has been sharing that HDD savvy (gleaned from several years' experience and more than 75 petabytes of s...

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Apple sweeps PCWorld satisfaction survey

Despite the occasional report of issues with new models, most Macs tend to be quite reliable. Most Mac users intuitively feel that they're getting a quality machine for their money, and now the PCWorld 2011 Reliability and Service Survey validates that feeling. Apple desktop computers (iMac, ...

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Verizon, AT&T iPhones load web pages at same rate, firm reports

Verizon's network may reach areas that AT&T doesn't, but people stuck with AT&T have told themselves at least AT&T's data network is faster. While this is indeed the case, it doesn't make web pages load any faster on AT&T than on Verizon, according to a phone testing firm. Metric...

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10.6.5 now available on Software Update

And just as foretold, here it is -- the 10.6.5 update to OS X is now available in a Software Update window near you. As you can see above, the new version provides a little more security, stability, and reliability in a few areas, helps out iPhoto and Aperture image processing, and should fix some ...

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PC World study: AT&T network has undergone "drastic makeover"

According to AT&T's commercials, they provide both "a better 3G experience" as well as "the nation's fastest 3G network." And, based on PC World's latest 3G wireless performance study, they've got more meat and potatoes (as if Luke Wilson wasn't enough) to back up their claims. The study, a col...

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This just in: MacBooks are more reliable than netbooks

Excel nerds rejoice! What you see above is the result of a laptop reliability study conducted by third-party warranty shop Squaretrade. The study looks at over 30,000 notebooks over the course of 3 years to determine the final reliability statistics. The results may not surprise you; for instance, ...

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It just works. Usually.

The latest festival of issues with Snow Leopard alongside a round of people unhappy with the latest iPhone update both suggest that Apple might need to work a little harder on pre-release testing. One thing Microsoft does rather well is gets a lot of people testing software releases in extended p...

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Apple drops to number two in reliability

RescueCom is a company that provides tech support and help from a 1-800 number, and they've released the latest version of their computer reliability report. This thing is actually pretty well done -- it examines just which brands and makes of computers are getting the most support calls, and then c...

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SquareTrade Study: iPhones more reliable than BlackBerry, Treo

Independent warranty provider SquareTrade has released a report showing that iPhones are more reliable than either BlackBerry or Palm Treo devices. The report, titled "iPhone More Reliable than BlackBerry, One Year In", analyzes failure rates for more than 15,000 new cell phones covered by SquareT...

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Final Cut Server Update 1.1

In addition to the Pro Applications update tonight, Apple also issued an update for Final Cut Server. Final Cut Server 1.1 address "issues with the check in/check out process for Final Cut Pro projects." In addition, double-byte character sets are now fixed and overall reliability has improved. Appl...

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Apple notebook reliability study, courtesy of Macintouch

MacInTouch has released a comprehensive, in-depth report on the reliability of Apple's portables throughout the years. They apparently logged over 10,000 notebooks from 41 models, covering the gamut from iBook G3's to the latest Aluminum PowerBook family (basically anything that can handle OS X), as...

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