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Remind yourself to get things done with Air Tasks

Air Tasks is a free gesture-based app for the iPad or iPhone that's perfect for those of you who take a minimalist approach to your to-do list. In the sea of productivity apps in the App Store, Air Tasks gestures are the only thing that make the app stand out. The gestures make adding tasks f...

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Never forget important events with Birthday Board Premium

Let's be honest with ourselves. We'd forget 90% of our loved ones' birthdays if it wasn't for Facebook. If you are like me and you don't check Facebook every day, you're probably still forgetting 50% them. Birthday Board Premium, US$1.99 in the App Store for iOS 6 or later, leaves you no excuse to...

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Later for iOS reminds you to send those texts, tweets and emails at the right time

Later for iOS (free) is one of those apps I thought about inventing myself. It's a simple app that sends you a notification reminding you to send a text, email or tweet at the appropriate time. You may have thought of something you want to message someone about, but it's after midnight, and you want...

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How to send text from your Mac to your iPhone in four easy steps (Updated)

Update: Several readers have emailed me and asked why I don't just use the Notes app to send text from my Mac to my iPhone. Yes, the Notes app works well for syncing text, but I use Reminders because it integrates with the Drafts app. Drafts imports the text from Reminders and then checks off the ...

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Daily iPhone App: Knot reminds you of tasks and gives your memory a workout

The iPhone is usually the item you have at hand when you need to make a quick note, and Knot takes advantage of this by making it as easy as possible to leave yourself a reminder -- tying the proverbial piece of string around your finger. Knot goes a step further from basic reminders by utilizing...

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Readdle ships Calendars 5, smart calendar for iOS

Calendars 5 (US$6.99, available now at an introductory price of $4.99) was released today by Readdle, Inc. We'll have a full review of the new app soon, but suffice it to say that Calendars 5 is billed as a "smart calendar that understands human language and supports tasks and iOS reminders." Check...

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Give Apple's reminders a boost with AppleScript

Reminders is one of those apps that most Mac users probably don't touch, and the vast majority of those who do are likely not getting the most out of it. But with a little added functionality thanks to some basic AppleScript tweaking, Reminders can transform into a more useful tool, allowing you t...

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Evernote introduces reminders to Mac, iOS apps

One of the reasons that I've never been a super-user of Evernote is that while it's a great place to save your notes, scans and other materials, it's never had the ability to simply let you know when you need to get something done. Instead, it has always relied on another app to give you a heads-u...

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Daily Update for May 23, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Daily iPhone App: ListBook: A list app with location based reminders and more

NoIdentity's ListBook (US$1.99) is a straightforward list compiler that looks great and has some well-implemented features to help you get on top of all those lists and things to get done. The list maker lets you compile numerous lists and add items (or to-dos / tasks) to those lists. To crea...

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Managing Notification Center annoyances

Reminders is either one of the most useful apps in OS X 10.8 or one of the most annoying, depending on who you talk to. I use Reminders on my iPhone a lot, but not so much on my Mac. Part of the reason is because I assumed that once a Reminder notification popped up on screen my only options we...

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Checkmark 1.1 adds recurring reminders, snooze reminders, more

Checkmark is a reminder app from Snowman that we've reviewed before. In many ways, it's faster than using Apple's Reminders app, especially once you've created favorite locations and reminders. Version 1.1, released today, adds recurring reminders, snooze reminders and more, making a handy utility...

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New Notes and Reminders web apps now live

Apple has just activated new web apps on that have been, until now, only available to developers. The new feature adds the Notes and Reminders web apps along with improvements to the Mail and Find My iPhone web apps. The new Notes and Reminders web apps look exactly like their matchi...

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Mountain Lion 101: Reminders and Notes

Two more iOS apps that made their way to OS X Mountain Lion are Reminders and Notes. Let's take a quick look at how both of the new apps work on the Mac and how they integrate with their iOS counterparts. Reminders Reminders is one of the iOS apps that I was waiting for on OS X, and now tha...

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Apple tests new iCloud beta features

Developers who are enrolled in the iOS 6 beta are now able to see a new iCloud Beta portal at that is complete with new versions of Calendar and Find My iPhone, as well as two new iCloud additions -- Reminders and Notes. The expected timeframe for the general release of the ne...

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