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Remix & WIN: Winner to be announced live tonight at 9 PM CET (8 PM GMT) (Updated)

Update: Just in case you missed it on Ustream last night, we're thrilled to announce that the winner of our Remix & WIN competition is MIZIM, or Yasmin from Yorkshire, UK. Congratulations, Yasmin! We absolutely loved your remix. To listen to Yasmin's winning remix on Sound Cloud, click here. T...

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Reminder: Last chance to Remix & WIN

Our Remix and WIN competition, with Olivia Broadfield, Propellerhead and SoundCloud, closes on the 31st January 2012, which means you've just a few days left to submit your remix of Olivia's song 'Say.' We've had loads of entries already (some of which are very impressive), and the judges (Olivia ...

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Remix & WIN with Olivia Broadfield, Propellerhead, SoundCloud and TUAW

Calling all producers, mixers and music-making enthusiasts. We've teamed up with UK singer-songwriter Olivia Broadfield (who we recently interviewed here), Propellerhead and SoundCloud to offer you the chance to win Propellerhead's brand new Balance audio interface, a copy of their latest D...

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The iPad rocks this 'It Girl' remix

We've heard some really good music come out of an iPad before, but to me it's all basically sounded like yeah, it came from a tablet. This remix of Jason Derulo's "It Girl," however, which you can watch below, sounds like the real thing to me. Yes, there's a lot of R&B sampling in there, an...

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Remix David Bowie's "Space Oddity" on your iPhone

I'm a big David Bowie fan, regardless of the era. From Ziggy Stardust to Tin Machine, I'm a just a fan. Bowie's first big UK hit, "Space Oddity," was originally released on July 11, 1969. It was released in conjunction with the Apollo 11 mission and became a smash in the UK, though it wouldn't break...

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Remix Radiohead in iTunes

A couple of years ago, Trent Reznor released fully editable GarageBand versions of a few Nine Inch Nails songs. Others have followed suit (like Burger King), and now Radiohead joins their number. They've made all five tracks (or "stems") of the song "Nude" available in iTunes for $0.99 each [iTunes ...

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Remix a whale song, win an iPod

If you're a whaler, you won't like this story. The International Fund for Animal Welfare is running a remixing contest as part of its campaign against whaling. The idea is simple: you download some tracks featuring some whale songs (did you know that whales sing to one another? It is true) and remix...

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