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Here's a quick way to send a file to a screen-shared desktop

I've been doing a lot of Mac development recently. This means I often need to screen share to my headless OS X Mountain Lion system for testing. This morning, I was updating my folderol app to add features for folder tagging. I had to make sure that those Mavericks-only features wouldn't show up w...

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Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS released

Microsoft has released its Remote Desktop app for iOS. The recently announced product is a free download, allowing users to access their desktop apps and documents directly from their Apple devices. As Windows struggles to expand its market reach thanks to the Surface tablet, allowing Microsoft lo...

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Microsoft bringing Remote Desktop to iOS later this month

In a press release announcing a new wave of enterprise cloud solutions for the fall, Microsoft has (perhaps inadvertently) let it be known that its Remote Desktop client will be coming to iOS later this month. Microsoft has long made its Remote Desktop client for OS X, but in discussing its new en...

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Midnight slowdowns

Do you notice your Mac getting sluggish right around midnight? Chances are you've got Remote Admin turned on, and it's the build_hd_index process that's kicking into gear. Apple's tech note gives you the details on disabling it -- but be sure to talk to your system admin if you're in a business or...

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Apple releases Remote Desktop 3.2.2

Apple just released two updates for its Remote Desktop product. The client update and the admin update promise the following fixes: Improved reliability with the Copy Items command. Upgrade Client Software command now uses unicast packets for improved reliability on some networks. Fixes to ...

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Remote Desktop Connection beta expired, new version still weeks away

For Mac-centric sysadmins in a Windows-flavored world, there are a few essential tools: patience, humility, and RDC. Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection client is the easiest way for anyone on OS X to manage Windows servers near and far, and the truth is it works pretty well -- not perfectly, but...

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Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.0 (Beta)

Microsoft promised us some goodies this week, and they just delivered on that promise. The long awaited (at least by me) Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.0 (Beta) is now available for download. This is a beta, but in my limited testing it is much, much faster (as one might expect). New in ...

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Easy remote tech support

In the comments to our recent post on Switching Mom to Mac, reader Hervé Sainct pointed us to this hint on macOSXhints on making remote tech support as easy as possible for the recipient. Basically it centers on a neat little program Schnitz Remote, which is basically a graphical wrapper arou...

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Switching Mom to Mac

Robert Movin over at TidBITS has a nice little article that I expect many of us can identify with. After years of being tech support for his mother (and other family members), he got fed up trying to remotely support her aging PC and decided to take the plunge and get her a Mac. He describes the how...

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Remote Desktop Madness

What happens when you make your Remote Desktop point to your own machine? Something like this, apparently. TUAW reader Chris Mills, who decided to give into his curiosity and give this a try, snapped this screenshot after opening a remote desktop connection to the same machine he was working on. Th...

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Apple Remote Desktop updated to 3.1

Mac Managers rejoice! Apple has updated both the Client and Admin packages of Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) to version 3.1. The update is said to address "numerous issues related to overall reliability, usability and compatibility." Specifically there's now support for the new Intel-based Xserve Lights...

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Microsoft, please fix Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

I live something of a double life. By night I am a highly influential, and very sexy, Apple blogger/pundit but by day I am a highly skilled Windows System Administrator (though I'm still very sexy). Thanks to the confluence of a nice boss and Intel Macs I am able to do all my work on a shiny new Ma...

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Automator and Remote Desktop 3

As you may know, the US online Apple Store went down briefly this morning, and returned to reveal Apple Remote Desktop 3 (RD3). As we pointed out, this is a major update with a slew of changes. Automator World is pointing to a page at Apple's site that details the Automator-specific changes to RD3. ...

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Apple introduces Remote Desktop 3

Well I guess we know why the Apple Store was down earlier. Today, Apple introduced Remote Desktop 3, which is now a Universal Binary and includes over 50 new features that deliver better software distribution, asset management and remote assistance. Over 30 Automator actions, remote Spotlight searc...

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