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Tag: remote wipe

Dropbox Pro changes increase storage to 1TB at the same price

Perhaps the most useful utility on all of my Apple devices is Dropbox, which makes sharing data between all of those various and sundry devices a literal no-brainer. Until today, Dropbox users with a Dropbox Pro account paid US$99.99 a year for a rather paltry 100 GB of storage. That sounds like a...

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iMessages reportedly still sent to stolen iPhones (Updated)

Update: Daring Fireball pointed to this recommendation from Jesse Hollington: set a SIM PIN code, which will prevent your phone from registering with the cellular network after a reset or a SIM swap until/unless the PIN is entered. Be extremely careful, however, as the iPhone settings UI can be c...

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Enter Gmail contact syncing and DropBox; exit MobileMe?

Well, that's that. I have whittled MobileMe down to two useful functions: Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe. And yes, I use one of those functions quite often, say, when my husband is off on some 80 mile jaunt on his bicycle. I have, thankfully, yet to require the services of the other one. But the ...

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Find My iPhone: If only I could find myself so easily ...

Mel gave you the instructions for how to set it up... but dear reader, we're going to go in-depth into the features of using MobileMe's Find My iPhone to see how well it works in locating and securing your phone from a remote location -- including performing a voluntary wipe. Locating where your ...

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