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ExpanDrive 4, more services and faster sync

I've written about ExpanDrive in the past, but I haven't mentioned it since version 2.0. Version 4 is out now, and it's a major update to this app that allows you to mount remote servers and cloud services as local drives. ExpanDrive has always done an amazing job of mounting a wide array of remo...

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This goofy fake iPhone can turn off any TV, and even put your Mac to sleep

I'll admit I have a mischievous streak. Because of that, I've had my eye on a TV-B-Gone for a while now. A company called Cornfield Electronics makes the gadgets, which come in a few different shapes and sizes, and all of them serve a single purpose; to shut down almost any screen that is controll...

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Remote iOS app adds iTunes Radio control on Mac and PC

Apple has released an update to its Remote app for iOS that adds support for controlling iTunes Radio stations on both Macs and PCs. Remote was last updated in November with an iOS 7-style design, but many fans of Apple's new iTunes Radio service lamented the fact that the app, which runs on both iP...

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How a PC and Air Video HD turned my iPad into the ultimate entertainment device

I have a problem: There just isn't enough room on my iPad to hold all of my beloved video content. Ideally, I'd love to have all of my favorite movies and TV shows -- which are currently stored on a Windows desktop -- available on my tablet at a moment's notice, but for a long time I didn't think ...

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Apple updates Remote app for iOS 7

Apple has released Remote 4.0 for iOS. As could be expected, the latest version of Apple's Remote app that lets users control iTunes and Apple TVs from their iOS devices has received a new icon and iOS 7-style makeover. So far, it appears Apple hasn't introduced any new features to the app. From i...

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New icon for Apple's Remote app spotted

For better or for worse, Apple in iOS 7 made over every single iOS icon. A few days ago, 9to5Mac reported that Apple's remote app might also be graced with an iOS 7-style aesthetic. Specifically, a reader found a redesigned icon lurking within the most recent iteration of iTunes. It doesn't look ...

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Origin Stories: Tango Remote allows you to control music using iOS devices only

I've run into this issue a number of times while producing comedy shows: I want to play intro music for a comedian, but I don't have a staff available to sit there and punch buttons on my iPad. Enter Tango Remote, a handy tool which allows you to remotely control your playlists from iOS to iOS dev...

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DirecTV prepping voice search app for this summer

Help is on the way. DirecTV has been demoing a new app, due out in beta this summer, that will let you search using voice for your desired programs or movies. You can use an actor's name, a show title or just about anything that would identify a program. DirecTV has partnered with Nuance, the c...

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Talking to Siri: Remote-controlling your Mac by voice with Siri Listener

In this episode of "Stupid Siri Tricks," I make my iOS devices control a remote Mac. How remote? Well, it should work anywhere on the planet (or off, if you happen to be on the International Space Station) with Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. If you can take a note with Siri, you can make ...

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Double Robotics shows off its iPad-equipped robot

We heard about Double Robotics and their plan to make an iPad-topped robot last year, but the real thing is running around the floor of Macworld/iWorld 2013 this week, and I think it's the coolest thing I've seen at the show. Company founder David Cann told me that Double was originally working...

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iPad Remote could offer sneak peek at future Music app

A shot of the album view in Remote app on an iPad connected to an existing iTunes library (top) and album view in the Music app on iOS 6 (above). Those who are using the updated Remote app to connect to an existing iTunes library via an iPad are noticing that the experience is a bit dif...

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Apple updates Remote app for iPhone, iPad

Apple has released an updated to its free, universal Remote app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad alongside iTunes 11. This update, version 3.0, adds "support for iOS 6." It's also got an updated icon, replacing the black "play button" in the center with a grey one. I played with it briefly thi...

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Some fun uses for a remote Mac Mini server

MacStadium does remote Mac mini hosting, offering customers a fully connected Mac mini in a secure, controlled datacenter (just like the folks at MacMiniColo, who we've visited and written about before). If you have a Mac mini already, you can even send it to them for hosting, or you can rent o...

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Control your AC plugs with Elphi

I met the creators of Elphi at IndieDevLab and was shocked to discover their awesome product was woefully underfunded on Kickstarter. Sure, a remote control power plug sounds a little boring, but if you've ever driven off on vacation and thought you left the hairdryer plugged in you know what p...

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iPad workspace app CloudOn goes 2.0, adds Adobe Reader, Box storage support

There are several perspectives on the iPad as a productivity tool. Some knowledge workers thrive on a suite of native apps; others can't really get comfortable within a text or code-based workflow without a legitimate keyboard and mouse. The "third way" of iPad productivity provides a hybrid en...

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