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Apple rejects iBook with links to Amazon's store

This is just one specific case out of the many, many organizations and individuals publishing content on Apple's iBookstore, but it's an interesting call by Apple nevertheless. Seth Godin tried to publish a book of his through Apple's iBooks, but the content was rejected by Apple's system. Not bec...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: AppZapper

Uninstalling apps on a Mac is easy -- just delete the program from your Applications folder. But what about all the garbage of ancillary files that gets left behind? Zap 'em with AppZapper. AppZapper is an uninstaller that does everything for you and makes sure nothing is left behind. It'll f...

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Will Anonymous attack Apple?

Could the Internet-driven Anonymous movement possibly bring its DDOS attacks to bear on our favorite Cupertino company? Apple did remove the WikiLeaks application, after all. Not that you can't still access WikiLeaks on the web, but Apple has got to be one juicy target for the Anonymous group. They'...

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EyeTV app removed from the App Store over streaming workaround

Update: As of this writing, Total Apps reports that it's back in the UK App Store. We still don't see it in the US store. That sure didn't last long. Just shortly after the discovery of a 3G "backdoor" for the EyeTV app, it has been pulled from the App Store. The workaround let users of the app stre...

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iPhone hacker says devices "phone home," allows for disabling apps remotely

iPhone Atlas is reporting that Apple has a way to blacklist and remotely remove applications from your iPhone. According to the post, the iPhone will remotely "phone home" and check a posted blacklist of bad applications. These speculations are based on a URL found on Apple's site with references f...

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