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Mountain Lion developer preview changes file renaming options

One of my pet peeves with Mac OS X always appears when I'm in the process of opening a file from an app and want to either make a duplicate of an original or just want to rename the file. With Lion and previous versions of OS X, that meant that I'd have to close the "Open" dialog, open a Finder wi...

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First Look: Renamed Renamer renames files and folders

It's not often that I get to write such a delightfully alliterative title to a post. Philipp Mayerhofer, C.O.O. of Dare to be Creative, sent along a note this morning mentioning that his company's file renaming powerhouse had not only been renamed, but that it has a whole slew of new features. The a...

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Mac Automation: Rename multiple files efficiently

With Automator, you can easily streamline common tasks. If you work with many files (i.e. pictures), then you know how easy it is to lose track because of incorrectly named files. With this Automator workflow, you'll never lose your place (or a file) again. Building the Workflow To create this ...

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File List 1.2 does file renaming for free

I love it when I find freeware that is not only functional, but practical. File List is no exception. File List is an awesome utility that allows you to quickly and easily change batches of file names quickly. There are many types of ways you can rename the files including: find and replace, number,...

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