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Daily iPhone App: PyroPainter is special FX made easy on the iPhone

There's been an explosion of special effects videos on YouTube over the past few years. Because the technology to create special effects has gotten so cheap and so easy to use, basement video editors of all kinds have put together videos of themselves throwing fireballs or fighting with lightsa...

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TerraRay for Mac doubles rendering speed and drops price for 1 week

I've enjoyed using TerraRay for some months. It's in the tradition of terrain creation apps like Bryce, but at a much lower price. I don't think it is quite as photo realistic as some other 3D landscape programs, but it is continuously upgrading features and quality. TerraRay 6 is just out, and...

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Daily iPad App: Quaternion Julia Raytracer HD

Of the many things I expected my iPad to do, ray tracing was not one of them. The ability to make realistic looking objects with accurate reflections was originally the domain of high end workstations, but over the years it has migrated down to laptop and desktop class computers. Now the progra...

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Create your own worlds with TerraRay 4

In the early days of the Mac, I used to love playing around with Bryce, which could generate very realistic scenery, which was my forte, or bizarre other worldly scenes straight out of science fiction flick. Bryce is still around, along with high-end rendering programs such as Vue. These progra...

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Is this the Apple iPad 2? (Updated)

BGR has snagged an image that is supposedly an accurate rendering of the upcoming iPad 2. It resembles images leaked last week of a reproduction iPad 2 that was purportedly designed using specifications obtained from Asian case manufacturers. Is this latest leaked image the real deal? Nobody kn...

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Macworld 2009: solidThinking offers speed and simplicity -- for a price

solidThinking demonstrated its flagship 3D rendering application (of the same name) that simplifies the process for conceptualizing, revising and rendering for industrial designers. The application makes it very simple to start with a two-dimensional sketch and rapidly create a three-dimensional mod...

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