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Don't want to buy an iPhone 4S? Rent one

It's a wonder that a carrier hasn't tried this before now. UK carrier O2 has launched a pilot program called O2 Lease, which allows rentals of the iPhone 4S. Customers can rent the phone for a year. The plan is £55 per month and includes a 16 GB iPhone, 750 minutes, 500 MB of data, unlimit...

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iPad rental business is booming in Madrid, Spain

PadInTheCity is a company offering up an intriguing proposition: Rent a 3G iPad while you happen to be touring around the city of Madrid, Spain. I do happen to be traveling to Europe next year, and while I just bought an iPad for myself, I can see the benefit of not only being able to carry an ...

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Jobs: iPod users don't want to rent music

Reuters reports that Steve isn't looking to create a subscription-based iTunes model. "Never say never, but customers don't seem to be interested in it," Jobs told Reuters. "The subscription model has failed so far." Jobs said that iTunes customers want to own their music, not rent it. I think that'...

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