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Blockbuster 2.0 rebuilt with physical media rentals in mind

The new Blockbuster 2.0 iOS app (free, universal) is a throwback to the days of old. Specifically, the app is targeted to Blockbuster by Mail users, which allows people to rent DVDs and Blu-rays by post. When introducing the app in a press release, the company said, "Millions of movie watchers pre...

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Blockbuster Video launches an iPad magazine

They must be pretty far down the idea list over at Blockbuster Video, because this one suddenly appeared out of left field. The video rental chain has released, of all things, an iPad-based digital magazine. Blockbuster Magazine, available through Newsstand, is a free publication featuring tr...

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Don't want to buy an iPhone 4S? Rent one

It's a wonder that a carrier hasn't tried this before now. UK carrier O2 has launched a pilot program called O2 Lease, which allows rentals of the iPhone 4S. Customers can rent the phone for a year. The plan is £55 per month and includes a 16 GB iPhone, 750 minutes, 500 MB of data, unlimit...

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iPad rental business is booming in Madrid, Spain

PadInTheCity is a company offering up an intriguing proposition: Rent a 3G iPad while you happen to be touring around the city of Madrid, Spain. I do happen to be traveling to Europe next year, and while I just bought an iPad for myself, I can see the benefit of not only being able to carry an ...

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Rumor: App rentals coming to iOS?

TheTechErra went searching through the code in iTunes 10.5 beta 9, and found an interesting series of strings hinting that Apple is about to allow "rental" of iOS apps. The functionality is referred to as "renting," but it sounds much more like an official implementation of app "trials" that lo...

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Miramax offers video rental via Facebook with iPad support

Miramax is kicking off a movie rental service that'll let you rent movies on Facebook. The Miramax eXperience app is a Facebook app that lets you browse through a starter catalog of twenty movies in the U.S. (10 in the UK and Turkey). Additional movies will be added in September. Each rental ...

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Vudu launches web app to skirt App Store

Wal-Mart owned VUDU will now let you stream movies to your iPad. Rather than a native application, the service will deliver its content via a web app. Users can point Mobile Safari to and browse the service's 20,000 movies. Because it uses a web interface, VUDU can only serve up SD qua...

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Apple leases Cupertino office campus for another 1000+ workers

While it waits for its huge mothership office complex to be built, Apple still needs more office space for its expanding employee roll. To that end, the company has leased an office complex in Cupertino that's capable of housing around 1,300 additional workers, according to Mercury News. The ni...

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Amazon adds Kindle textbook rentals, leaves iBooks in the dust

Amazon announced a new textbook rental service today for its Kindle eBook service. The textbook rental store would let students rent textbooks from 30 to 360 days from the Kindle store. The rental terms could save students up to 80% on the purchase price of the books from publishers such as John ...

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$600k a week iPad-controlled charter yacht

First land, then air, and now sea. This $600,000 per week charter superyacht, called "Solemates," is also controlled by Apple's iPad device. When you rent the boat and step onboard, the captain hands you an iPad with a custom-made app that allows you to control the lights and climate systems on the...

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iTunes sending free TV rentals to some users

9to5 Mac is reporting today that some iTunes users received promotional codes good for one free TV rental from iTunes. As far as anyone can tell, there's no obvious rhyme or reason as to how they were distributed. Perhaps they want to stress test their iTunes streaming services a bit. You'll reme...

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The iPad rent-a-date

You can go tickle an iPad for free at any Apple Store. You can caress, stroke, and otherwise test out the "magical" touch-based interface. However, if you want to go further, second base for example, be prepared to pony up $50. TUAW has realized that for that low, low price, you can bring that ba...

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First Look: Zipcar app for iPhone hits the road

The company's teaser page still says "coming soon," but eagle-eyed reader Jason spotted the free Zipcar app [iTunes link] in the store today. We've been waiting for this app for quite a while, and it's exciting to see it in action. The app provides Zipcar members with a location-based search for nea...

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Zipcar announces upcoming iPhone app

If you're a car-free urbanite you've probably seen mention of Zipcar, or noticed one of their branded vehicles out and about. The company offers hourly rental automobiles with a rapid-deployment twist: there's no check-in or checkout process beyond reserving the time online and then swiping your me...

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Redbox puts the kibosh on community-developed iPhone app

Davis Freeberg over at Zatz Not Funny has a detailed post this morning on the takedown of the Inside Redbox Mobile app for the iPhone, which was removed from the App Store at the request of Redbox. If you've never heard of Redbox (I hadn't myself before this morning), it runs DVD rental kiosks in hu...

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