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Tag: repairs

iFixit offers clear case 'revelation kit' for iPhone 4/4S at discount

iFixit is offering its clear case "revelation kit" for iPhone 4 and 4S at a discount. At US$19.99, saving you $10 off the normal price, the kit is on sale until the end of August 16. What's more, the kit is finally available for the white iPhone. iFixit's revelation kit basically provides you wit...

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Apple uses this machine to calibrate in-store iPhone display replacement

Earlier this week, we told you that Apple has begun repairing iPhone displays in its retail stores for US$149 each. The iPhone is obviously nothing without its display. Replacement must be done accurately and the display has to be calibrated perfectly in order for things to look just right. Apple'...

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Apple trademarks 'Express Lane' and 'VoicePass'

Apple has filed two new trademarks right before the holidays this week. VoicePass is the first one -- it's filed in the category of "construction and repair services," so it likely has to do with supporting broken devices. MacNN says that the VoicePass service is used when calling in to customer su...

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Apple changes policy on liquid damage to iPods

According to a memo acquired by The Boy Genius Report (BGR), Apple has altered its policy on treating iPods with water damage. Under the new guidelines, service personnel will be required to do two things. First, confirm that the device's internal Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs) had been activated....

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AppleCare has paid for itself

My iMac is about three years old. I know this because my AppleCare is expiring on November 7th, and it extends the included one-year warranty by two years to give a total of three years of coverage. In short, I'm glad I've had it and wouldn't consider owning a Mac without it. In the last three ye...

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Apple replaces 5K nano batteries in Japan

Back in 2008, reports of fires that were caused by overheating batteries in first generation iPod nanos caught the attention of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (MEI). In turn, MEI ordered Apple to replace defective units. Apple conceded and launched a replacement program in August of...

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Swap a Macbook's glossy display for matte

Users have a love/hate relationship with Apple's glossy displays. Namely, they either love them or they hate them. I haven't used one myself, as I'll be hanging on to my original MacBook Pro until it ceases to work. Until now, shoppers could get either a glossy or matte display with the 15" MacBook...

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What could you do with a broken iPod?

We get a lot of email to the TUAW tipline: scores of product recommendations, polite and not-so-polite suggestions, and "Won't you post about my new website?" press releases. When we get five consecutive emails, all within a few minutes, all from the same person promoting the same iPod purchasing on...

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iPod How-to videos

Need to replace your video iPod's LCD screen or faceplate? Looking to upgrade its hard drive or battery? A new website, offers a number of free iPod how-to videos. These are clearly home-brew videos, but they provide well-paced step-by-step instructions and there's a refreshing la...

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PBFixit is now iFixit

One of my favorite Mac sites, PBFixit, has been renamed iFixit. iFixit provides parts and great step-by-step repair and upgrade tutorials for the Mac mini, Powerbook G3 (233-500mhz), iBook G3 (300mhz-900mhz) and iBook G4 (800mhz-1.42GHz), plus the titanium and aluminum PowerBooks. The tutorials are ...

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Maintainability: lessons Apple could stand to relearn

If you've been wondering why I haven't had many bylines in the past couple of days (come on, you know you have), it's because my trusty eMac died and I've been struggling with repairs. And I do mean struggling. Replacing the clicking hard drive, which should be a simple enough repair, has turned i...

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