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A weekend with FireWire

My MacBook Pro and I had a bit of a rendezvous this past weekend. She's a 15 inch Core Duo with 2GB of RAM. Although she'll occasionally get as hot as a toaster oven (leaving red marks on my lap at times) and mooed like a cow when we first met, she's been a consistent workhorse for me. But her hard ...

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Triangles back on the Leopard Dock

Ever since we first saw the new Dock with its reflective surfaces and little glowing lights under open apps, people have gotten nostalgic for the old Tiger Dock and its less flashy ways. First we showed you how to de-gloss the new Dock, and now Mike at Silver Mac has cooked up a way to get those b...

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Chronos replaces StickyBrain with SOHO Notes 5.5

StickyBrain, one of the leading 'digital junk drawer' apps that recently entered a 4.1 beta testing phase, has been officially discontinued by Chronos in favor of SOHO Notes 5.5. Current registered users of StickyBrain 4.0 will receive an upgrade to SOHO Notes for free, while users who own licenses...

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Has the 12" PowerBook simply disappeared?

It appears as though Apple has completed their portable lineup's transition to Intel chips - and the 12" PowerBook was the clear odd-man-out (sure, the 14" iBook disappeared too, but everyone knew it had to). I noticed last night that apple.com/powerbook simply redirects to apple.com/macbook, with ...

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