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Apple begins graphic card replacement program for mid-2011 27-inch iMac

Apple has begun a graphics card replacement program for the 27-inch mid-2011 iMac, reports 9to5Mac. The news comes from a leaked memo issued to some Apple Support employees. The models in question first went on sale in May 2011 and were sold until October 2012. The program only affects 27-inch iMa...

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Apple Korea to replace iPads, iPods to comply with regulations

Apple changed its after-sales policy in Korea and is now offering a "best in the world" replacement plan for Korean customers with defective products, according to a report in The Korea Herald. In compliance with its global return policy, Apple previously replaced a defective product with a ref...

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Apple launches Headphones with Remote Replacement Program

Apple has launched a replacement program for third-generation iPod shuffle headphones with remote controls that exhibit performance problems. The symptoms of the issues, which have led to some lengthy discussions in Apple's Support Forum, include controls that are non-responsive or work intermittent...

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