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How ESPN reporter covers NASCAR with an iPad

ESPN Pit Reporter Dave Burns covers NASCAR's premiere Sprint Cup Series for the network. He's been reporting on racing for many years, and recently abandoned his personal paper-based note system for carefully selected iPad apps. Burns says that note-taking is "highly personal," and that ESPN doe...

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The New York Times to provide reporters with the iPhone 4

The New York Times is giving their mobile reporters iPhone 4s to shoot video out in the field along with the ability to upload them to NYT servers using Aspera's high-speed file transfer software. Brought to our attention by MacStories, The New York Times' Editorial Director for Video and Television...

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iPhone usage metric for Flickr drops big time

We've posted before how popular the iPhone is as a camera on Flickr, with people uploading tons of photos, both shot by and straight from the iPhone. But now, The Next Web has covered a huge drop in photos referencing the iPhone over on the popular photo sharing site. The suspected culprit? Flickr ...

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iPod touch fee could go bye-bye

Chris Foresman over at Ars Technica has an interesting pronouncement: A rule governed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, that's been heavily lobbied for by Apple and other electronics companies, may be enough to lift the charge that iPod touch owners have had to pay for updates of signific...

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Help the revolution: submit feedback

This is more of a public service announcement and reminder than anything, inspired by TUAW reader Jer's comment on my .Mac syncing UI silliness post. Jer asked whether we were submitting feedback to Apple concerning gripes like the one I blogged, and the answer is 'most definitely yes.' This brief d...

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