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Daily iPhone App: Wizardlings doesn't quite live up to its reputation

Wizardlings has quite the pedigree: Not only was it published by Square Enix (who are of course legendary for their JRPGs), but it was created by Liv Games, the great indie company behind the iOS hits Legendary Wars and Monster Wars. Unfortunately, Wizardlings is a pretty simple app designed fo...

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How Apple, GE brands weather bad press

According to YouGov BrandIndex, Apple's public reputation in the U.S. is "Teflon" compared to another large brand -- GE. YouGov BrandIndex compared the two companies, both of which have recently gone through tax avoidance "scandals," and found that Apple's reputation was untarnished and almost ...

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GDC 2010: Real Racing and Flight Control on the iPad with Firemint

We got to sit down with Australian developer Firemint here at the Game Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco -- it's a mobile game developer who hit it big last year with the very popular iPhone game Flight Control, and while it used to make mobile games for just a handful of larger game publ...

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Apple's "controlled leaks" and how they spin them

Here's an interesting story that popped up this week, made even more relevant by all of the tablet rumors flying around lately. John Martellaro at the Mac Observer has called out the Wall Street Journal piece earlier this week as a controlled leak from Apple. What he says makes sense: the news came ...

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I hope Apple has absolved the iPhone from their '1st gen reputation'

Plenty of potential iPhone customers - particularly ones who are familiar with Apple's less-than-ideal track record with 1st gen products - are on the fence as to whether they should wait for the 2nd version of the iPhone. In recent years, problems like the 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook's white spots (...

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