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The old iPad 2 is still the most used iPad

That's a surprising metric coming out of new research from Localytics, and pertinent as we expect to see new iPads from Apple. According to the study's data, the now discontinued iPad 2 has the largest share of online use at 27%. Both the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display, released last ...

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Study claims 47% of app downloads come from search results, but I'm not so sure

How do you normally find new app to download? According to data from analytics firm TUNE, you're more likely to find new apps to download in the App Store search results than anywhere else, and the competition isn't even close. The percentage of people who claimed their most recently downloaded ap...

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Refresh for iOS briefs you on people you meet

Refresh (free) is a fascinating app designed to tell you more about people in your contacts or people you are about to have a meeting with. We first looked at the app in June, but are some significant changes and new useful features. Once you set up Refresh with logins for social sites like Linkedi...

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Games are dominating the App Store economy even more than you thought

Games are the biggest money-making apps -- that's just a given at this point -- but the utter dominance with which the game category crushes the competition might surprise you. Research firm Midia recently crunched the app economy numbers using the 700 top grossing apps across the App Store and Go...

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New study has surprising data on how we interact with apps

Localytics, a firm that tracks statistics about app usage, has released a study today that is of interest to users and app creators. The data tracks how people react to new apps, and tries to predict which apps will attract users and which won't. Here are some of the key findings: If you buy or ...

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Why research data about Apple sales is a bunch of bull

An iWatch. An iRing. An iTV. Just a few items that, if analysts actually knew what they were talking about, would already be splashed across Apple's online retail store, ready for purchase. It's no secret that analyst predictions regarding Apple are typically suspect at best. After all, fifth-han...

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MIT makes a smartphone-controlled bartender

We've seen beer-pouring robots before, but MIT has recently put together a smartphone-controlled robot bartender, with three robot arms that can pour and mix up to 100 different alcoholic and non-alcoholic flavors. The Makr Shakr lets you order up a drink directly from your iPhone, and then it w...

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A WWDC keynote would be the longest gap between events ever

Jay Yarow's done the homework and determined that if Apple takes the stage as expected at WWDC, it'll be 230 days from the last big Apple event. That would make this the longest wait for a new Apple event ever, at least since the iPad's launch in 2010. The previous record was 132 days between t...

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Survey: Half of Chinese users want to own a Galaxy S4 instead of an iPhone

As we've reported quite a bit, Apple has been working hard to try and grow its influence in China. That nation has become the world's largest smartphone market, and so Apple has plenty of reason to be promoting itself and selling as many phones as possible. A new survey shows that as much work ...

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WSJ: Apple's App Store climbs towards $25 billion in sales

The Wall Street Journal has posted an article covering the meteoric rise of the App Store, from its inception just a few years ago to its current state of almost $25 billion in annual sales. But while the App Store is growing like crazy, it's also presenting more problems for developers as well...

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Apple falls in customer satisfaction survey

Analytics firm ForeSee says Apple slipped 3 percentage points in a holiday customer satisfaction survey, garnering 80 points, according to AllThingsD. That's still an excellent number. The data comes from a survey of 24,000 customers that was conducted between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The dr...

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Apple hiring former Texas Instruments chip designers for Israeli R&D center

Texas Instruments' loss is looking to be Apple's gain. In its efforts to shrink its global workforce by some 1,700 jobs, TI recently let go 250 of its employees in Israel previously tasked with designing chips for mobile devices. According to The Next Web, Apple has snapped up "dozens" of them to...

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Apple looking to hire engineers at Israel R&D facility

We've heard that Apple intends to step up hiring at a new research center in Israel, and here is more evidence of that effort. Two new job listings have appeared on Apple's site for physical design engineers in Haifa, Israel, showing that Apple is getting serious about building out its new R&am...

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Ski helmet charges iPods, iPhone and other mobile devices

A team of German researchers is working on technology that could let you ski all day without worrying about your smartphone battery, says a report in GlobalPost. Scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin, TEXSYS and the Technical University in Berlin have created a solar helmet that ch...

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Study: iPads improve Kindergarten literacy scores

Apple is pushing for iPad use in education, and several schools have taken up the charge. Now, a study of kindergarteners in Auburn, Maine has shown that students who use iPads score better in every literacy test than those who don't. The study focused on 266 children whose instruction featured th...

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