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Use your iPhone to detect cataracts

A group of researchers at MIT have built a surprisingly useful medical addon for the iPhone that apparently can help detect cataracts. The CATRA system is a device that snaps on to the front of the iPhone (or any computer screen, from the look of it), and then uses screen output to monitor and ...

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'Invisible' touchscreen prototype tested with iPhone

The video on the next page features a prototype for an "invisible" iPhone created by researchers at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany. Basically, the idea is that with your iPhone in your pocket, you can hold your hand out and move your finger around on it as if you were holding your phon...

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Multitouch, multiscreen iPod touch Pong

Oh my. Still need convincing that the iPhone/iPod touch is the greatest gaming platform ever made? Then check this video of a couple Japanese researchers playing a game they claim to have put together "in about an hour": multiscreen, touch-based Pong. On first glance, it looks like the game is even ...

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