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Research: Walmart sold 1.3 million iPads in March quarter

While in many minds the term Walmart has the connotation of low prices on "stuff" ranging from tires to baby clothing, some new research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shows that the discount retailer is an increasingly important part of Apple's overall distribution efforts...

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Canadian Apple reseller to close as Apple Store opens

Chris Duffie owns The Halifax Mac Store, and he has done business as an authorized Apple reseller in Halifax, Canada for the past decade. Now with an Apple Store launching in the nearby Halifax Shopping Centre, Duffie is closing shop says a report from ifoAppleStore and the Chronicle Herald. Du...

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French reseller eBizcuss sues Apple over unfair competition

Apple opened its first retail store in France in November 2009 and caused sales to plummet for local Apple retailers, says eBizcuss CEO François Prudent. According to a report in Le Figaro, the effect is so great that eBizcuss has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging the company unfairl...

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How one independent retailer competes with Apple Stores

Darryl Peck has a 25-year long history of working with Apple; first as a software developer, then as a reseller at Four years ago, the seasoned businessman decided to open his own retail store, PeachMac, and now he competes head-to-head with the Cupertino company. Even though Apple...

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Increase in iPad recycling prompts Gazelle to enter reseller market

After the iPad 2 announcement, Gazelle saw a marked increase in the number of first generation iPads being recycled by consumers. The electronics recycler has received so many iPad 1 tablets in good to excellent condition that it has decided to begin selling them back to consumers in the upcoming...

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Apple ends $30 MobileMe and iWork rebate program

An internal memo suggests Apple is ending the US$30 MobileMe and iWork rebate program. The program offers customers a $30 discount on a $99 MobileMe subscription or the $79 iWork suite when they buy a new Mac. According to the memo, Apple has told all resellers to end the program on April 18th. A...

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Pricey iPad 2s showing up in online auctions

The "amazing" demand for the iPad 2 is creating a booming resellers market for those looking to flip their iPad 2. While iPad 2 units are impossible to find in stores, the internet is teeming with iPad 2s for those willing to pay any price. The 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G model is the top of the line iPad...

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Norwegian Apple reseller suffers break-in, 50 boxes stolen

An Apple reseller in Norway, of all places, suffered a break-in earlier this morning. According to the main local paper, Aftenposten, the thieves stole a BMW, which was then used to back into the store as seen in the wild pictures above. Once the storefront was broken open, 50 boxes were lifted fro...

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iPads at TJ Maxx were bought at retail

Just in case you missed it, here's a resolution to the whole question of where those iPads at TJ Maxx came from. A high tech tablet isn't really the usual fare for the discount clothing retailer, and Steve Jobs himself confirmed that the chain wasn't an "authorized reseller" of Apple's magical, rev...

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Apple paying back bonuses on cost of defective 27-inch iMacs

Gizmodo is reporting that Apple has begun refunding up to an extra 15% of the purchase price of the 27-inch iMac to those customers who bought defective units. The news broke yesterday with a UK-based Apple Authorized Service Provider/Reseller claiming that Apple is out of 27" screens in Europe, ...

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Mauritius to Apple: Thanks for the iPhones, can we haz iTunes Store?

Recently, the people of the island republic of Mauritius have been able to purchase the iPhone 3G and 3GS through mobile phone provider Orange, but there's one major problem -- there's no access to an iTunes Store. This brings back memories of the original iPhone, when there was no iTunes Store to t...

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Apple to channel partners - stock up now

AppleInsider reported today that Apple is advising resellers to stock up on the better-selling iPods and MacBooks, as factory supplies are expected to slow to a trickle in August. There's speculation that this could be due to a release of new models. For 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros and the sta...

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Circuit City selling Macs again

Earlier this month we reported that Macs might make a comeback at Circuit City, and sure 'nuff, reader Bob tipped us off to Macs appearing at Circuit City's website, as well as select locations. Apple has their own section under the Notebook Computers category, and CC seems to carry all flavors of b...

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Macs making a comeback at Circuit City?

A stealthy tipster has clued us in to the possibility that Macs - including MacBooks, MBPs, iMacs and Mac minis - might be making a belated encore appearance at a Circuit City near you. This observant reader caught these products listed on a few internal documents, but we don't have any ETA for now ...

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