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Preparing Hong Kong Apple Store for iPad launch

M.I.C. Gadget has the inside details (and lots of photos) on the Hong Kong launch of the iPad. Unlike the US, UK and other countries which sold on a first-come, first-served basis, Hong Kong was selling the iPad using a reservation system. Customers must sign up for an iPad the night before and...

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iPad 101: Reserve an iPad from outside the US

If you're living in Canada or Mexico -- but close enough to the border to make a trip to a US Apple Store -- Clean My Screen has posted instructions for reserving an iPad outside of the US. There are 23 steps in the guide, but it doesn't look terribly complicated. It involves the creation of a ne...

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Apple upgrading online Concierge reservation system

It looks as though Apple's Concierge, their online system allowing for Genius Bar reservations, is undergoing a bit of an upgrade. There wasn't much warning, and we don't have any details of what shiny new goodies are going to debut, but it was an already pretty slick system that is bound to get ev...

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