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New Apple patent hints the company may be entering the restaurant-reservation market

Thanks to Siri, Apple can quickly help you find movie times and buy tickets, make an appointment on your calendar and sometimes rickroll you. At this point, Siri can even help you make a reservation at a restaurant, although that's through integration with OpenTable. (Try asking Siri "Make reserva...

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iPhone 5 ship times improve to 2 weeks

Apple's supply of the iPhone 5 is slowly starting to catch up with demand. Shortly after the iPhone 5 debuted, ship times for the device slipped to three to four weeks. This number recently improved to two to three weeks, and now the handset is available within two weeks. According to iPhoneinC...

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iPad minis ready for next-day, in-store pickup

Instead of waiting two weeks for delivery, customers who want an iPad mini now can reserve one for in-store pickup, according to a report in AppleInsider. Similar to the iPhone 5, customers can use Apple's reservation system to secure an iPad mini at their local store and pick it up the next da...

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Apple employs reservation system in China ahead of iPad launch

China hasn't had the best of luck with new iDevice launches. The devices are so popular in that part of the world, and the black market over there is so hungry for goods, that Apple often has issues with legitimate customers trying to get devices. Sometimes fights or vandalism break out when th...

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HotelPal 2.0: A first look at the updated lodging reservation app

Business and personal travelers with iPads and iPhones are familiar with Mobiata's travel apps already. The company's FlightTrack (US$4.99) and FlightTrack Pro ($9.99) apps are often listed as "must-have" tools for travelers, and the fun FlightBoard ($3.99) turns your iPhone or iPad into a live fli...

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NYT on restaurant reservation apps

There's a great piece in the New York Times today about the growing practice of using mobile apps to find and review restaurants. The way it works is simple for customers. Just pull out your phone (or your iPad), launch the app and find what's nearby. Initially, OpenTable was the only app that co...

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iPhone 4: First Best Buy preorder, Radio Shack kickback plan

If you've got a choice of stores where you can reserve your new phone, may we suggest you consider Radio Shack? Edible Apple reports that the fine folks at the Shack (as noted on the company's Twitter account) are accepting trade-ins for discounts on the iPhone 4. In fact, if you've got a 3GS in goo...

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Have an iPad reservation? Your "pick up" email has arrived

Those of us who reserved our iPads for pickup at a nearby Apple Store have been reading about all of the UPS and FedEx shipping notices that were sent with envy. Now we have something we can get excited about! Squeeeeee! This morning, Apple sent out emails to anyone who had reserved an iPad, bas...

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No more reservations available for iPad launch day

If you were planning on reserving an iPad for pickup at an Apple Store on April 3rd, you're out of luck. Reservations, both in-store and online, ended on Friday. According to TUAW reader Travis, who sent us the tip early Saturday, an Apple sales associate mentioned told him Apple had to shut down...

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