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These five surprisingly pointless OS X mods may amuse you

I recently went hunting for interesting OS X mods. For every useful item that turned up, I found lots of dead ends. Many items read by the OS X preferences system (through, for example, calls to CFPreferencesCopyAppValue) have little or no application to end-user needs. They're there primarily f...

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Parenting tip: Recover your lost parental control password, or not

Parental Controls on iOS are extremely helpful for parents of iOS-device-using kids. They allow a parent to block in-app purchases, restrict explicit content on the device and block apps that are not needed for younger children (Mail, Safari, etc.). Setting up these restrictions requires a specia...

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Evernote forces password reset after "suspicious activity"

The drumbeat of corporate security issues pounds on, with hybrid cloud/local notekeeping service Evernote reporting this weekend that its internal security team "discovered and blocked suspicious activity" aimed at sensitive areas of Evernote's service. Although neither billing information nor ac...

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iPhone 101: Reboot your iPhone for better gaming

One of the biggest comments on the recent SimCity announcement for the iPhone, other than being able to locate the SimCity International (link goes to the U.K. iTunes store) version of the game, was complaints that the game was crashing for some people. This is not a new issue for graphically int...

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TUAW Tip: Safari's reset button

Brandon sent us a great tip that I should have known was in Safari, but that I hadn't found yet. For you paranoids out there, the Safari 3 beta offers an easy way to clean up every single thing you've ever done, including the history, passwords, cookies, and even favicons and Autofill text. Under th...

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iPhone Troubleshooting: How to Restart, quit frozen apps and Reset iPhone

I'm starting to think there is some sort of bad luck attached to my iTunes Store account, as tonight I experienced the third iTunes Store song that completely locked up an iPod - only this time it was my iPhone. While listening to 'Again with the Subtleties' from the Yppah album You Are Beautiful At...

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Clear out 3rd party .Mac sync items with Syncrospector

.Mac Sync Services leave much to be desired in the management department - Apple provides no UI for removing them once you no longer use an application, and you don't have many options for troubleshooting when things go south. Until now. A user named kohlmannj at the indispensable macosxhints figu...

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iPod troubleshooting: Remember the five R's

I'd bet that many of us are familiar with the scenario that Don Foy describes at Macsimum News: You're listening to your iPod when it inexplicably freezes up. No amount of button pushing will get it to do anything. Or, you plug it into your Mac and nothing happens. It doesn't show up on the desktop ...

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On power adapters, PMUs and the new PowerBooks

As I was using my one month old PowerBook yesterday, I was alarmed to see the charging light on the power adapter randomly shift between orange and green. I came up empty handed after some googling and searching Apple's Support pages, so I started plugging the adapter into other outlets in the apart...

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