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Chris Forsythe retires from Adium project

According to a recent post over at the Adium blog, Chris Forsythe, the lead project manager, has decided to say goodbye after 3 years in that position with the Adium project. According to the post, Chris managed the Adium website, support network, and forum. Eric Richie, another member of the Adium ...

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Fred Anderson resigns from Apple Board

In a comment under yesterday's report on the outcome of the Apple stock option investigation, SubGenius wisely proclaimed "Fred is going to be the fall guy." Congratulations, SubGenius - you win a brand new star! (or at least you will when the star system is working again) Fred Anderson, who valiant...

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Rubinstein retained as Apple consultant

Back in March, John Rubinstein resigned from his position as senior vice president of Apple's iPod division - but it appears that one does not quit Apple so easily. John has apparently been retained as an Apple consultant, cutting a deal to work the equivalent of one business day per week until Apri...

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