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Survey shows Steve Jobs' absence not deterring Apple's customers

A ChangeWave survey suggests Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple will have little impact on the future sales of Apple hardware. Between September 6 and 12, ChangeWave surveyed 2,297 respondents and found that only 4% of people would be less likely to buy Apple products now that Jobs is gone. ...

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Tim Cook takes over as Apple CEO

Amidst the pathos and shock of Steve Jobs' resignation from his post as Apple's CEO (while still retaining his role as chairman of the board), one line from Steve's resignation letter should be ringing exceptionally loudly in the ears of all Apple fans, not to mention Wall Street's decision maker...

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Is this the end of the Keynote as we knew it?

As reported earlier, Steve Jobs' resignation from Apple's CEO slot -- following an incredible trajectory of success after success -- has been anticipated for some time, and it is a reminder of human fragility. As Twitter fills up with shock, sadness, and wistful appreciation at the culmination ...

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The iPad's effect on rival companies' CEOs

Apple's iPad and iPhone are shaking up the netbook and smartphone market, producing a chain reaction of events that has led to the resignation of chief executives from three major electronics manufacturers. This past Thursday, Acer Corp. CEO Gianfranco Lanci became third in the line when he ann...

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