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Matrox DualHead2go adapter broadens your monitor horizons

If your widescreen ambitions can't be contained by a mere 1920x1080 HD screenscape, the fine folks at Matrox have a solution for you. The DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition display adapter, priced around US$160, is built and marketed specifically for the Thunderbolt and DisplayPort-enabled Mac models...

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Nvidia's Quadro K5000 GPU coming to a Mac Pro near you, and it's fast

Graphics card maker Nvidia has announced that its brand new Quadro K5000 GPU will be available inside of Apple's Mac Pro computers, and Engadget recently got a chance to see the new cards in action. The cards will offer 4 GB of graphics memory and some superfast performance, and will be able to...

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Retina display Macs, iPads, and HiDPI: Doing the Math (updated)

Love Apple gear? Like math? TUAW's Doing the Math series examines the numbers and the science behind the hardware and software. The rumourmill has been busy lately with claims that we might get "Retina display" Macs soon -- and of course, a Retina display iPad 3 on March 7, probably, maybe, defini...

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iPhone 4S 8-Megapixel photo looks incredible

Click image for full-resolution download iPhone-toting photographers like myself are drooling at the thought of the 8-Megapixel camera and five-element f/2.4 lens built into the iPhone 4S. We've seen photos from Apple already, but now the devious minds at (who apparently have their ...

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Time Warner goes to court over iPad streaming app

And they're off! I thought it was weird that Time Warner was pushing so hard to get streaming cable channels on its new iPad app, but apparently it's ready to back up that stance. The company has just dropped a request for a declaratory judgement on a US District Court, asking the courts to rul...

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iPad high resolution display rumored for third generation

According to IDC research manager Tom Mainelli, the iPad 3 and not the iPad 2 will be the lucky recipient of a high-resolution display. Previous rumors have repeatedly suggested that the iPad 2 will sport a high-resolution "Retina" display. Most of these rumors came from Asian sources and were caut...

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Researchers create pixels eight times smaller than the Retina Display

You might be pretty proud of your iPhone 4's Retina Display, and those teensy pixels 4x smaller than the already good-looking usual Apple displays. Or maybe you're looking forward to seeing the Retina installed in some of Apple's other products at the event later this week. But like most consumer e...

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ClearCam goes legit, will increase image resolution at a price

ClearCam has been around for a while, and I first took a look at it more than a year ago. It was a clever app that had two modes. One mode took a series of four pictures in rapid succession, and then it saved the best and sharpest one in your photo library; the other mode took six images together an...

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iPhone 4's resolution resolved

When Steve Jobs introduced iPhone 4, he claimed that its "Retina Display's" tiny pixels exceed what the human eye can differentiate. "It turns out there's a magic number right around 300 pixels per inch, that when you hold something around to 10 to 12 inches away from your eyes, is the limit of the ...

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Microscopic signs that next-gen iPhone screen resolution will be 960 x 640

Czech Republic site claims that it got hold of parts from the next-gen iPhone, but they've gone way beyond the analysis of sites like Gizmodo or Vietnamese sites taoviet and tinhte. Specifically, they've taken the screen from a next-gen iPhone, put it under a microscope (how cool is t...

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iPad devsugar: Letting go of iPhone visual design patterns

The new iPad has lots of space. The screen offers 1024x768 pixels. That's way more room to work with than the iPhone gave you. And because of that room, it's time to re-think the way you designed iPhone applications. Things that worked well with the iPhone's limited space -- things that were meant ...

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Watching movies on an iPad: What you see is what you get

Watching a movie on the new iPad will not as pleasurable experience as you might think. The screen being 1024x768 pixels is in a 4:3 ratio which is the exactly the same as an old CRT television set. Many of us are have gone on from there and are luxuriating in the glory of our 16x9 aspect HDTVs...

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Apple files patent for multitouch manipulation of 3D objects

A blogger at the Baltimore Sun found an Apple patent filed last month that describes a multitouch interface for manipulating "three-dimensional virtual objects." The patent seems pretty vague in terms of implementation, but essentially Apple is citing a way to control 3D objects, whether they be ico...

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The case of the missing resolution independence

What the heck happened to resolution independence? In Gruber's review of the Powerbook a few years ago, he trumpeted the coming of a feature long evading the Mac faithful, a resolution independent interface. Others at the time expected the same thing to appear in Leopard: UI elements that were compl...

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Newly resized iTS video content just a bad upsample?

It seems like not all larger iTunes Store videos are actually worth their new dimensions. Reader Paul did some investigating on the newly resized videos (i.e. - ones that were 320 x 240 before the new store, and are now 640 x 480), as a few seemed suspiciously like bad upsamples, rather than truly ...

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