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Apps to kickstart your New Year's resolutions

With the first day of the new year falling on a Sunday, it's a great day to organize whatever resolutions you've made. Here are a few apps to get started with. Get more organized I'm spending my day getting my tasks lined up in 2Do ($6.99), which is one of the most reasonably priced to-do apps...

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New Year's resolutions: Mac style

Now that it's 2008, time to write down those New Year's resolutions; and why not use your Mac to make sure you stick to them this year! Here's a list of apps that will help you manage your resolutions, and hopefully keep them too: Anxiety (donationware; get organized with to-do management) Ch...

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TUAW Resolutions: Get in Shape

Looking to get in shape in 2007? Your new iPod makes a great workout companion. Yes, you still have to "just do it", but your iPod can help you "do it" if you let it. Consider the Nike+iPod sports kit. It lets you track your training progress in real time by connecting a transmitter in your sneakers...

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