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Jon Taffer's BarHQ app wants to increase your profits

Jon Taffer took the business of bar consulting to a new level when SpikeTV decided to run the show Bar Rescue, featuring Taffer as the irascible host. Since then he's had season after season of showing the public how sharp he is at turning around even the most hopeless bars (when the owners actu...

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No Comment: Elements restaurant installs iPads for customers to play with during meals

I'm guessing most folks my age or older grew up in a house with a "no toys at the table policy"... And I'll just leave it at that. Our own Michael Grothaus snapped this pic at Elements in London. Feel free to leave your own thoughts on whether or not this is a good idea. Think back to the l...

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Corkbin updated, lets you buy wine right from the app

Corkbin is probably my favorite app on the App Store that I don't actually use that much. I've wanted to learn more about wine for a long time. Corkbin, which lets you track and rate the wines you drink, seems like a great way to do that. Unfortunately, whenever I end up at the bar or restauran...

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Would you check your iPhone at the door of a restaurant for a discount?

Ever have a date look at you sideways because you can't refrain from Instagramming your meal? If you need some persuasion to kick the distracted dining habit, then you may want to visit Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Owner Mark Gold is running an interesting promotion that'll give y...

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Daily iPhone App: Food Network On the Road points you to the best eats in your area

Food Network added to its repertoire of culinary-themed apps with a new offering that lets you find some of the best restaurants in the area. The new Food Network On the Road app takes all the restaurants that are featured on Food Network and lets you find them using your location. The app pull...

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iPad prevents seafood restaurant from overcharging

Thanks to the iPad, travelers in Sanya, a seaside resort town in Southern China, won't have to worry about paying too much for their seafood, says a report in China Daily. After an increasing number of complaints about excessive charges at local restaurants, government officials tried to curb t...

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New York restaurant adopts iPads, saves money

The next time you're at the Brooklyn (NY) Tap House choosing from the wide variety of beers on tap, don't be surprised if you see iPads at the bar or an iPod touch in the hands of your waitperson. The gastropub has installed a point-of-sale system from Albuquerque-based POSLavu that uses the Ap...

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Hubworks uses iPads to help restaurant customers order food

We've posted before about Hubworks, a company based in Idaho that develops consumer-facing solutions for ordering food and interacting with servers at restaurants via iPads. Most of Apple's sales are directly to consumers, but Hubworks is just one company of many that's getting more involved in bu...

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Buffalo Wild Wings testing iPads for ordering

While we were in San Francisco for Macworld | iWorld, I noticed that the wait staff at Mel's Drive-in were using iPads to take orders. I hadn't seen that before, but apparently the folks at Mel's have used iPads for a while. Now an even bigger restaurant chain, Buffalo Wild Wings, is planning to d...

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NYC restaurant completely reliant on iPad

When you go to De Santos, a high-end Italian restaurant in New York City's West Village, don't expect to be handed a regular menu. Instead, your waiter will bring you an iPad 2 on which you can select your meal. reported on this innovative restaurant that is using iPad 2s, a custom app,...

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iPad increasingly popular among restaurateurs, diners

We've been talking about the iPad in restaurants for a while, starting back when the Lecere Corporation began testing their FIRMS point-of-sale system. The iPad seems especially effective for wine lists, and we covered the story about Bones in Atlanta seeing an 11 percent improvement in their wine s...

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Found Footage: Sharp says 'sushi please' on iPad

Lots of visual content, quick transactions, and hungry customers: that's what Sharp has in mind with this proof of concept sushi menu application for iPad. Rather than putting diners through the chore of tracking down their favorite rolls and sashimi in a multipage laminated paper menu, the app ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Corkbin

I've been trying (pretty unsuccessfully) to become a smarter wine drinker for a while now, and Corkbin might just push me over the top. This elegantly designed app is set up to help you track and chart the wines that you drink, learn how to classify them, and share reviews with friends and fellow iP...

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