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Portfolio Pro for iPad is a solid entry-level portfolio app

We took a look at several portfolio apps a few months ago, but I'm always on the look out for new ones to try on the iPad. Gone are the days of trying to shrink large articles and projects down to an 8x11 piece of paper for a portfolio. With the new iPad, high-definition video has become more i...

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Lion's iOS-like Automatic Termination not ideal for some users

Matt Neuberg over at Tidbits has noticed an interesting behavior in Lion: Occasionally, apps running without an active window on will disappear from the Command-Tab application switcher, and sometimes disappear from Activity Monitor completely. The culprit is a new "feature" in Lion called Auto...

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OS X Lion's 'Resume' feature lets you pick up where you left off

Resume, one of the new features in OS X Lion, addresses a common complaint among users of desktop OS users. Traditionally, quitting an application in Mac OS X (or any other desktop OS) has meant starting over from square one when you next launch the app. This has also made restarting a Mac particu...

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Thursday iPhone App Potpourri

Much to the chagrin of many of our iPhone-less readers, TUAW receives a huge amount of mail every day from iPhone developers who are releasing new software or updates. Here are a few of the apps that have made their way to our mailbox in the last day or two: Walt Disney World Notescast (click opens ...

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