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River of News' real money returns

Developer Dylan Ginsburg has noticed that a lot of iPhone companies (including most of the folks I spoke with at GDC last week) don't like to talk about exactly how much money they've made on the App Store. But he has no such compunctions, so he's written up a nice post on his blog about how much hi...

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Retiring from Flight Control

I just uninstalled it from my iPhone, and am officially retiring from Flight Control (iTunes link). It was a great four month career, I tell ya. I wanted to go out at the top of my game, and on my own terms. Despite its minimal $4.99 price tag (I think that was the price when it first came out), it ...

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Chris Forsythe retires from Adium project

According to a recent post over at the Adium blog, Chris Forsythe, the lead project manager, has decided to say goodbye after 3 years in that position with the Adium project. According to the post, Chris managed the Adium website, support network, and forum. Eric Richie, another member of the Adium ...

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Let's face it: Steve will have to step down sooner or later, too

With Gates' bombshell announcement last week that he will be stepping down from his full-time role at Microsoft in 2008 to spend more time with his Gates and Melinda Foundation charity org, I finally came to wonder: how much longer does Steve have at Apple? Both companies were started around the sam...

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Rubinstein retained as Apple consultant

Back in March, John Rubinstein resigned from his position as senior vice president of Apple's iPod division - but it appears that one does not quit Apple so easily. John has apparently been retained as an Apple consultant, cutting a deal to work the equivalent of one business day per week until Apri...

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