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Ava Photo cleans up those iPhone portraits

You have a lot of pictures of friends and families, but you know those pictures don't always capture them at their best. Ava Photo (free until Jan 31) is a sharp little iOS app providing several tools to make those portraits look a lot better and more presentable. There are similar apps that ...

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Inpaint Pro allows for easy photo retouching

About a year ago I took a look at Inpaint, an interesting Mac OS X app that is similar to the content aware fill feature of Photoshop, but a fraction of the cost. My only real gripe back then was that the app could not open raw files. In its latest incarnation, Inpaint Pro can now open raw file...

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TouchRetouch: A powerful photo retouching app for the iPhone and iPad

Do you have photos on your phone that need a little 'help' without going back to your Mac for iPhoto clean up or Photoshop work? It happens to me all the time, and TouchRetouch for US$0.99 gives you some powerful tools to remove defects, people or objects from photos with only a little effort. It...

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