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Video: I'm Dreaming of a New iPad

To get you in the holiday mood, consumer electronics shopping site Retrevo.com has come up with a few tech-related "Nerd Carols" for your listening pleasure. The lyrics were written by Retrevo Director of PR and Social Media Jennifer Jacobson (AKA Retrevo's Resident Poet), and put to the tune of s...

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Retrevo Study: Shoppers seek tablets on Black Friday

The latest consumer study from Retrevo has tablet computers sitting atop the list of items people will seek out on Black Friday, with the iPad at the top. The Kindle Fire is also a target, as are HDTVs, laptops, the iPhone and other smartphones. We've already seen that the iPad is supposed to b...

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New study says almost half of iPhone owners plan to upgrade to the 4S

A new study, by Retrevo, has been released today. The numbers, especially for iPhone 4 owners are higher than I might have expected. Here are some of the highlights: 44% of 3G and 3GS owners plan to upgrade to the iPhone 4S 42% of iPhone 4 owners say they plan to make the jump 24% ...

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iPad competitors will need to be a lot cheaper to capture market share

The big message from a Retrovo survey released today of 1000 consumers carried out last month indicates competitors to the iPad will have to compete with a large price difference. With rumors about an Amazon tablet circulating, 55% of survey respondents said They'd look at an Amazon tablet firs...

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33% of iPhone owners think their phones already have 4G service

With Verizon rolling out its advanced 4G LTE network, and AT&T deploying a similar 4G system, you'd think that these faster 4G services would be something iPhone owners are clamoring for. Not true, at least according to a survey from Retrevo. The consumer research firm says that 1/3 of iP...

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Study considers how Android tablets could affect iPad sales

Consumer electronics shopping and review site Retrevo (always happy to surf on the newsworthiness of the Apple tablet) has conducted another study, this time about the iPad's rise in popularity. Could it dominate its market like the iPod has done or become as popular as the iPhone? The study address...

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Report: 30% of netbook shoppers bought an iPad

Here's an interesting bit of information compiled by Retrevo.com. They recently polled over 1,000 shoppers (distributed across age, gender and income level) who were either considering buying netbooks and iPads or already own them. The results were telling -- although, as Jeremy Toeman of Stage Two ...

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Retrevo Study: Apple needs to price tablet at $600 or less to attract PC users

The mythical Apple tablet is back in the news again, this time in the results of a new study that shows where the pricing "sweet spot" will need to be for Apple to attract users who would traditionally buy an inexpensive PC netbook instead. Consumer electronics shopping site Retrevo.com surveyed...

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