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The iPhone turns 7 on Sunday, here's a look back at a classic

The iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, and changed cell phones forever. Dropping the keypad we'd all come to love for a full touch screen and putting a powerful 2.0 MP camera in every user's pocket, the iPhone kickstarted a mobile revolution. To celebrate the iPhone's 7th Birthday the folk...

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MacStories looks at four years of the App Store

It's been almost four years since Apple debuted its App Store platform for iOS (and then the Mac), and MacStories has an in-depth look back at that time. In just four short years, Apple has gone from saying that all we'd need on iOS are web apps, to a millions of dollars a year industry that su...

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How Steve Jobs changed Apple

With news of Steve Jobs's change of roles at Apple sweeping the web, it's worth looking back at how the company changed during his reign as CEO. Apart from taking Apple from its dismal depths to the most valuable company on Earth, under Jobs's leadership Apple also completely transformed several...

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2010 in review: Rise of iOS

Here, in no particular order, are some of the top stories we saw in 2010. The year was packed with Apple announcements, some planned and one unplanned. The real standout this year was iOS coming into its own. This year's WWDC was all about iOS, for example. The Apple TV now runs iOS. iOS 4.2 breath...

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