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Rdio for iOS gets a 2.0 makeover, revamped design

Ever-popular streaming music app Rdio has just received a pretty extensive makeover. As Engadget reports, Rdio's new 2.0 overhaul not only tweaks the app's aesthetic qualities, but also adds a few very welcome new features. Cashing in its old design for a much cleaner, brighter and Apple-esque a...

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Rumor: MacBook Pro line getting revamped with MacBook Air style designs

There's rumors of a shakeup going around in Apple's laptop lines. AppleInsider claims, according to "people familiar with Apple's roadmap" (cute -- it's Friday, so we'll let that through), that Apple is aiming to completely revamp its notebook lines sometime this year, basically making the MacBook...

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TUAW's Daily App: Geo Walk

Geo Walk is an interesting title from Vito Technology, the folks behind the popular Star Walk and Solar Walk apps. They originally released Geo Walk a little less than a year ago, but the app wasn't quite as developed as their other titles (and presumably didn't do as well as those either). So ...

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Apple will spend $4 million to renovate Chicago's North/Halsted triangle

Technically, I've now moved away from Chicago and am living in Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean I'm not still following the brand new Apple store being built at the intersection of North and Halsted in Chicago -- not only is that my old stomping grounds (I used to be a manager at that Borders), b...

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