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What can you buy with Apple's Q1 profit?

In Apple's Q1 earnings report, the company reported a profit of $13.1 billion. That's a whole lot of money, but it can sometimes be difficult to really wrap your head around a figure that large. So to help put it in perspective, here are a few things you could buy with that much money. Note:...

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App Store sold more than $10 billion in 2013

If you spent any money on the App Store in 2013, you helped contribute to a record-breaking year for Apple's digital marketplace. The company revealed today that App Store sales passed US$10 billion in 2013, with more than $1 billion in sales coming in December alone. Apple's press release calls...

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Apple's per-employee revenue is 'off the charts'

If there's one thing Apple is not in need of, it's cash in its bank account. It's hardly a secret Apple is a moneymaking machine, enjoying margins that other hardware manufacturers can only dream of. During Apple's most recent quarter, the company posted revenue of US$37.5 billion, marking a new Q4...

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App Store's revenue grew 15% between February and July

The analytics wizards at Distimo have released their July report on mobile trends, this time comparing the top apps for the App Store, Google Play and Amazon's Appstore for Android. Tucked away in their findings, however, is an interesting look at how Apple's App Store for iOS has grown in the...

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iOS games make 3.5 times more than Android counterparts

Popular App Store tracker App Annie has released its latest report, and the news is good for iOS developers. Not only is iOS revenue up in general (by about 20% year over year), but it's still about three and a half times higher than Android revenue. Both Apple's App Store and Google Play saw...

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iPhone revenue greater than all of Microsoft's

The next iPhone is expected to launch next week and CNN Money decided it was a good time to run a list of superlatives related to the financial impact of Apple's smartphone. To start out with, Apple's iPhone business unit could be a Fortune 50 company on its own. That business unit is already...

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Chitika: Mountain Lion accounting for 3% of web traffic

Web tracking firm Chitika has a stat that's actually not all that surprising: Mountain Lion downloads accounted for a relatively huge percentage of web traffic this week. For all web traffic coming to and from Mac computers, Mountain Lions downloads specifically make up 3% of the total. And...

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iPhone estimated to have generated $150 billion in revenue globally

Apple's iPhone launched five years ago this week and to say it has been successful is an understatement. Based on a Strategy Analytics report cited by AppleInsider, Apple has shipped 250 million iPhones cumulatively worldwide and has generated US$150 billion in revenue from these...

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Google reportedly makes more per iOS device than Android device

According to Horace Dediu of Asymco, Google's smartphone revenue per year is on the rise. On the surface, this appears to be good news for Android, but a closer look at the source of the revenue shows that most of this increase is from iOS. In fact, Deidu suggests revenue per device from...

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NPD: Apple generates a fifth of all US electronics revenue

The NPD's analysis of 2011's trends in electronics sales shows that Apple now accounts for nearly one fifth of all US revenue in consumer electronics. HP is in a distant second place, having generated only about half as much revenue as Apple during 2011. Overall, 2011's NPD results show shifting...

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ARM revenue jumps thanks to Apple, Samsung

Everyone knows that Apple did exceptionally well in the 2011 calendar year. Its revenues are up, its cash reserves are about to break the US$100 billion mark and its stock price is hovering around $455. This boom is not only beneficial for Apple, but, as Electronista points out, it's also a...

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What's a retail employee worth to Apple?

Every time you walk into an Apple store and are greeted by one of those friendly badged employees you might see someone who wants to help you with your question or grab you the latest Apple product, but when Apple looks at that same employee they see 320,000 George Washingtons. That's right,...

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iOS game revenue survey: 50% of App Store games make less than $3k

Developer Owen Goss (the mind behind Landformer and Baby's Musical Hands) has spent the last few weeks or so putting together a really comprehensive survey on revenue for iOS games and apps, all based on answers from 252 actual iOS developers. He's shared the results on his blog, and they're...

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Report: In-app purchases a strong source of iOS app revenue

iOS app developers who are looking to make big bucks on the App Store should consider using the in-app purchase model, according to a recently published study from Distimo. In-app purchases are a huge source of revenue, accounting for a whopping 72 percent of all App Store revenues. That...

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360iDev: How to make money from a free app

Developer Brian Robbins from Riptide Games gave a fascinating talk today about the apparent paradox of trying to make money off of a free app on Apple's App Store. Originally the App Store had only the two choices of a free or paid release. More recently, developers have a bevy of options for...

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