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Tag: revenues

Apple's iPhone revenues exceed those of Microsoft, Boeing, and other huge corporations

Just for the hell of it, let's say that Apple's iPhone unit was a separate company. Businessweek has done a bit of speculation and determined that the iPhone unit would be the ninth largest company in the Dow Jones Industrial Average based on revenues. Those revenues, which currently reach over...

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EA iOS revenues up 100%, Firemint mentioned

EA held a conference call yesterday to talk about the past year's revenues, and it's no surprise that the mobile division is doing great. The mobile revenue total was $70 million for the last quarter, up 27 percent from the same period last year. It doesn't sound like things were quite as busy as...

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WWDC 2010: More iAds details emerge

Steve Jobs said Apple created iAds to help developers make more money. The problem before iAds, to hear Apple tell the tale, had been that mobile ads on the iPhone were a bit of a kludge: different systems supported only basic interaction, they dumped you to Safari most of the time, and as each ad...

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AT&T loving the iPhone

AT&T has released fourth quarter and 2008 results and it's not all roses for the telecommunications giant. Wireline telephone subscribers were down significantly, and AT&T has spent a bundle (US $453 million) upgrading the 3G network to serve the iPhone and their other Smartphone offerings....

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