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22Cans speeds up the Curiosity cube

Peter Molyneux's 22Cans studio put out Curiosity on iOS last year, as a sort of a social game-slash-experiment. The idea was that hundreds of thousands of people would be able to download the app, and then use it chip away (by tapping) on a virtual cube, unearthing layer after layer of virtual...

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KLA-Tencor CEO rewards 5,400 employees with iPads

Talk about a logistical nightmare for an IT department! Last summer, 5,400 employees of semiconductor maker KLA-Tencor were rewarded for their hard work with brand new iPads, according to a report from CIO. After the company posted revenue of US$1.8 billion, the CEO decided that his employees deserv...

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Apple TV gets RSS plugin, game emulation and $1000 bounty for external media drive support

Oh it's on now. Engadget posted some more juicy bits for those thirsty to hack their Apple TV to do everything from read RSS to solving the holy grail of complaints: support for using an external USB drive as the media drive, thereby circumventing the limit of the device's pathetic 40GB drive. First...

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