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The most expensive iPad apps

Are you rich? Or just can't control your spending habits? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions and own an iPad, I've got some apps to show you. Most-expensive.net has compiled a list of the ten most expensive iPad apps. The apps range in price from US$299.99 all the way up to $999.99...

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$600k a week iPad-controlled charter yacht

First land, then air, and now sea. This $600,000 per week charter superyacht, called "Solemates," is also controlled by Apple's iPad device. When you rent the boat and step onboard, the captain hands you an iPad with a custom-made app that allows you to control the lights and climate systems on the...

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Obvious: Apple fans who own Apple products can't wait to buy the iPad

This is probably one for the obvious department, but we'll share it with you anyway. An NPD study released last week says that device awareness for the iPad is already very high (no duh), and that it's highest among 18-34 year old current Apple owners (double duh) with $100,000 or greater income. So...

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Curio Basic offered for free until midnight, August 7th

Remember Curio from Zengobi, that unique brainstorming and project management app we found a couple weeks ago? As a thanks to all the publicity they've been getting lately the company has decided to offer Curio Basic for free - but only until midnight, EDT on Tuesday, August 7th. All you need to do...

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On resolution independence

There is a lot of buzz and speculation floating around as to what we'll see in the Mac OS X 10.5 update that will be previewed (and I suspect released) at this August's World Wide Developer's Conference. One exciting 'fundamental feature' John Gruber hinted at last November has been mentioned again ...

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AquaMinds NoteShare 1.0

AquaMinds, makers of the popular NoteTaker, has released NoteShare 1.0, a "powerful desktop application for creating, publishing and sharing media rich, multi-page notebooks." NoteShare allows you to "instantly" share a notebook for presentation or collaborative editing across a ...

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